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Review of Nodiatis

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Sin has a home in the virtual world of Nodiatis. This is not your average MMORPG. Nodiatis is a free browser based MMO that takes players deep into a demented wasteland overflowing with evil and sorcery. Read this review to uncover the mysteries behind this forsaken land.

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    Nodiatis A Depraved Virtual World

    Enter the Land of Nodiatis Screenshot Nodiatis is a free MMORPG with a look and feel that few MMOs offer. This is not your average RPG. Players enter a depraved world on the verge of ruin. After centuries of mortal sin the tables of power have turned. In this wretched land creatures big and small now rule over man. With no religion, leaders, or hope the fate of the human existence is threatened. To salvage the land of Nodiatis the people need an idol. A hero that can master the powerful sorcery of the lost world. Journey through the desolated world killing unruly creatures, gathering food, weaponry, and acquiring the skills required to level up. Nodiatis is an entertaining RPG style MMO with PvP elements. Go on your quest to become the savior of Nodiatis.

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    Nodiatis Screenshot - Fisherman Battle The gameplay is consuming. Nodiatis has 25 classes and players can level up to 100. Warriors possess the highest strength of any class. Druids make up for their lack of strength with speed. They reign as the fastest opponents in the land. Beastmasters are accompanied by lion companion and priests remain a dying breed. Nodiatis classes also include Archers, Magicians, Rangers, Guardians, Warlocks, Necromancers, Paladins, Traders, Craftsman, Vampires, Angels, Dark Knights, and even Alcoholics. After you've selected your class the tutorial takes you on a quick tour. Players objective is to complete mission quests, increase magic skills, and gather gold coins. Quests usually involve killing creatures such as sewer rats, sand snakes, and runt foxes in order to collect items. A map of Nodiatis along with a compass helps to guide you through the land during your adventure.

    Giant Sewer Rat - Nodiatis free online game screenshot As you progress in the game opportunities to cast spells or upgrade weaponry arises.Throughout the game you can duel other players in a battle to the death. Clans can be joined or started. When you join a clan you war with opposing foes.There is also a skill training section players can click to practice. A great feature in Nodiatis is the option to complete mission quests as a group. Chat and kill monstrous crabs together during your adventure in the forsaken virtual world.

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    Online Community

    Nodiatis Screenshot - free MMO In Nodiatis there is a relatively large group of regular players that simply love the game. When you have a dedicated online community like that it adds a level of familiarity and comfort to the gaming experience. It's easy to make friends and there is always someone to chat with during gameplay. This game is not for younger gamers. The higher level of difficulty and strategy involved produces a more mature MMO community. Nodiatis is an excellent environment to play in. There is no spam or other nonsense that sometimes appears in popular online communities. The PvP combat system can become intense as players fight to the death. A side bar displays available players for chat, duel, or invites. Nodiatis has a steady community of MMO gamers.

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    Graphics & Sound

    Nodiatis Game Screenshot The graphics were impressive for a free MMORPG. The beautiful scenic backgrounds almost make you feel like you're playing a console game. All of the inhabitants of Nodiatis are well-designed. The gigantic sewer rat to the killer crabs come to life on the computer screen. Swirls of magic dust and flames stream across the screen. Dark images of despair, corruption, and ruin play nicely into the environments adding a cinematic appeal. Players are given over 100 portrait background images to choose from that will reflect their personal taste. For players who prefer the ability to customize Nodiatis delivers. There is an option to select the colors of your chat messages as well. All of the sound effects are crisp and fitting. You can hear realistic knife clashes and blows during battle. Mystic tunes play quietly against the ancient backdrops. The music takes you into an enchanted isolated world.

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    Nodiatis Overall

    Killer Crab - Nodiatis Free MMORPG This is complex free online RPG. There will be a standard subscription available for advanced players offered later. The subscription will provide players with additional adventure time for $19.95 USD. One of the coolest features about Nodiatis is the fact that you don't really need any money to play. Going on killing quests and battling earn players gold which serve as the primary source of currency in the game. Nodiatis is different from other games. It has a challenging magic system, auctions, massive community, group questing, and an original storyline to keep MMO fans engaged. Once you start playing Nodiatis it's hard to stop. This game is addictive. If you have some time check out this gem from Glitchless. The RPG fanatic in you will jump for joy.