World of Battles Guide: Hints And Tips For Winning

World of Battles Guide: Hints And Tips For Winning
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A Morning Full Of Battles

Frogware’s newest MMORTS is a nice mixture of RPG leveling meets strategic battlefield command. The game has best been described as World of Warcraft meets Warhammer 40,000, and the way the game is setup and the way players can outfit and customize their armies easily makes World of Battles: Morningstar slightly different from many other free-to-play MMOs out there.

World of Battles isn’t terribly difficult to learn how to play, however, making use of each unit and capitalizing on the strategic elements present in the game can sometimes prove to be very challenging. Learn more in this World of Battles guide for beginners.

Racing To Class

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Gamers will be able to choose from a couple of different races in three different alignment categories, including Neutral, Good and Evil, just like the original Baldur’s Gate. The alignment and race chosen will determine what units you will end up with as well as what kind of special abilities those units will have at their disposal.

Choosing an alignment will first and foremost limit you on picking and choosing character units later on in the game, restricting you to having classes available only from your alignment.

The good part is that as you level up and add more victories to your legacy you’ll also enable the option to purchase more units from different races within your alignment factor. So if you’re a human, after reaching level 5 you’ll have the option of purchasing units from the Dwarves or Elves, or vice versa.

It’s essential to branch out and purchase as many units of various types as you can, as it ultimately increases your viability for securing victories on the battlefield. Take note, however, you cannot have more than one of the same unit type on the field.

Maximizing A Unit’s Efficiency

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There are a handful of classes for each faction within each alignment. There are cavalry, infantrymen, archers, pikemen and specialty classes. Each group is especially useful for carrying out specific tasks on the battlefield that can either make or break your efforts to secure a victory.

The cavalry is the fastest unit you’ll have access to in the early part of the game. They’re useful more-so for scouting or leading a counter-attack as opposed to just charging in and fighting head-to-head with another unit type because they’ll always end up dying.

Pikemen and infantrymen are the real route to success in a victory, especially when coupled with the archers. Take note that archers usually need a wary eye when you’re multi-tasking because it’s easy for opponents to circle around from behind and take out your archers, and you’ll find that they do it rather often. But getting back to the pikes and infantrymen…they are the bread and butter for going head-to-head with opponents and keeping them safe and using them wisely is what will help establish your dominance on a battlefield.

Specialty classes add a complete different aspect to the fight, insofar that specialty classes have additional skill abilities that enable them to take down opponents by unleashing a devastating attack or a buff.

Strategies For Controlling The Field


Getting armies together and facing off against opponents is just part of the process of playing World of Battles. The real trick to getting anything done in the game is utilizing your forces to the best of their abilities.

There’s a slight trick to taking down both players and AI. The first tactic is that you move slower than your opponents and wait for your opponents to engage you. What happens is that the very first unit you will encounter is usually the cavalry, riding up front ahead of the infantrymen. The smart thing to do is have your cavalry engage the opposing team’s unit supported directly by your foot soldiers, with archers providing support from a range. If you take out the first group of units before the rest of the backup arrives it instantly gives you an advantage in the battle over your opponents.

Of course, the larger the armies and the more advanced the players the harder it will be to use simple tactics against them. Nevertheless, when you’re starting out you can employ some of the above mentioned strategies to take down foes easily and efficiently. Dividing up the enemy’s forces and conquering them individually rarely ever fails in the early goings of the game. As you get more comfortable experimenting with pairing up specific units and executing more advanced on-the-field strategies, World of Battles becomes slightly easier to play.

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