Lucent Heart Preview: Class Skills, Zones, MMO Dating Features

Lucent Heart Preview: Class Skills, Zones, MMO Dating Features
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Adding A Little Romance To The MMO Universe

Gamania Entertainment and Beanfun (best known for Hero 108) had a recent VIP beta session that allowed a few loyal followers of the upcoming MMO as well as editors from MMO publications to get a brief look at some of the gameplay and features of the game, including some of the character classes, the instances, the class-change system and even some of the bosses. This Lucent Heart preview covers a lot of the general concepts featured in the unique new title as well as some of the things gamers can expect to see or experience when the game goes live this summer.

Lots Of Love To Share

One of the few towns int he game

There are several innovative features fuelling the game design of Lucent Heart and one of them is the couples system, instigated by an in-game NPC called Cupid. The Cupid system enables players to basically find a perfect match or randomly get matched up. Players simply head to Cupid located in the center of town, and put in certain details and characteristics of your character and your potential mate and then let the matching system do the rest. And yes, it’s possible people can lie about their age to get matched up with someone younger or older. But that’s just how it is.

The idea behind the couples system falls in line with being able to maintain specific buffs that help in a number of ways, including healing, damage, MP or HP boosts. The couples system also works in tandem with guild boosts, where being in a guild can help elevate certain character properties, making it more convenient to party with a soulmate and guildies. There’s also a ton of emoticons specifically made for couples so you can hug, kiss, hold hands and lots of other couple-related interactivity.

The game also sports the ability to have up to three soulmates, but player characters can only marry one other character…sorry polygamists, you’ll have to look elsewhere to re-capture the spirit of HBO’s ‘Big Love’.

Character Classes And Class Changes

Grinding in style

There are fourteen different character classes in the game, however players won’t choose one and be done with it, the game uses a branching hierarchical tree system where players will start with one of two classes and branch out from there.

The two starting classes include a Mage and Warrior. From there the Mages have the option of becoming a Wizard or Priest, with the former being primarily for DPS while the latter focuses on single and party heals. From there the Wizard can either become a Moon Flame Envoy or Galaxy Sage and the Priest has the option of being Dawn Prophet or a Sun Commissioner.

Warriors will branch off into Knights or Gunners, following suit with the healers the Gunners are mainly long-range DPS classes while the Knights are for tanking. The skills and class archetypes are further diversified as the Gunners can eventually class change into Comet Marksman or Nova Sentinel, which actually sounds pretty darn cool. Knights can class change into Solar Guardians or Celestial Templars.

Special Skills And Zodiac Powers

The Zodiac daily

In addition to having various classes and skills, there are also special Zodiac inspired abilities that helps set Lucent Heart apart from some other titles out there. After reaching certain levels players will have the opportunity to gain special skills or Zodiac related abilities, including Zodiac armor that amps up the player’s HP and buffs them for about 50 seconds, allowing the player to unleash massive damage attacks or defensive properties for a short period of time. The cool down on some of the skills will vary, but the Zodiac armor takes about an hour to cool down before being able to use it again. There are also emotion-based skills that can be applied based on player interaction…if players are known for getting beat up often “Negative” emoticons get filled up that allow players to activate specialty powers such as increased critical damage or the ability to flee a fight. “Positive” emoticons are also available, and as players are continually winning fights they have the option of using those emoticons to replenish HP or MP.

Zones And Mobs

Using the mounts to travel to different zones

There are just over 20 different zones in the game, offering up a multitude of quests and several instances per zone, as well as up to 15 different types of monsters or mobs per zone. So variety isn’t really an issue when it comes to adventuring and finding new kinds of baddies to face off against.

The game has a very distinct, colorful art-style that carries some semblance to gPotato’s widely popular casual MMORPG, Fly for Fun. However, Lucent Heart goes for an even more vibrant and energetic atmosphere, which you can clearly see in some of the screenshots. The combat is also classic MMO-style, where players are less likely to rely on twitch skills like in Allods Online, Fallen Earth or Champions Online and instead much of the combat is automated with the only major requirement from players being to heal, replenish mana or activate skills.

Crafting And Relationship Specialties

A few mounts on display

What’s an MMO without being able to craft some goodies? Luckily enough there is a diverse selection of crafting opportunities available, allowing gamers to make weapons, armor and potions to help out during a battle.

In addition to crafting there’s also another neat little feature that allows soul-mates to make or craft items using a flower-pot mechanic. I know, it sounds cheesy and it is cheesy. However, the benefit is that through the process of “flower making” (something only females can do, while the males have to pick the flowers and retrieve the item) certain items can be manufactured out of the process that includes accessories that boost specific stats or create special effects. All in the name of love…of course.

You can look for Lucent Heart to go live in North America during the summer of 2011. You can check out more MMORPGs right here at Bright Hub or visit the official Lucent Heart Website to learn more about the game.