How to Play the Sorcerer in Neverwinter Nights: Part 9 of a Series

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Most people do not really think there is a clear distinction between the Wizard and Sorcerer class, being both spellcasters. However, apart from there being a difference in actual D&D playing, there is a big difference in the way the game and its mechanics handle those two classes.

The Sorcerer is indeed a spellcaster, but unlike the wizard he doesn’t study or spend time learning his spells from books. Instead, he relies on natural talent to cast those spells, and therefore takes more time to learn spells than the Wizard. The other downside is that relying on talent has its obvious disadvantages compared to actually studying the arcane arts: the sorcerer will never have the same amount of spells and variation that a Wizard has.

Creating a Sorcerer

Being a spell caster you obviously won’t focus on primary abilities such as Strength or Constitution. You can assign some points to Dexterity but your main focus should be Charisma, not Intelligence as with Wizards. As said, this class doesn’t rely on study and discipline to learn spells, but rather on his natural abilities and willpower.

Skills available:

Ambidexterity – If you wish for your Sorcerer to be skilled at two-weapon fighting you can choose this skill. It will lessen the penalty of the chosen offhand weapon, the lighter the better.

Craft Wand – Only available with Hordes of the Underdark. You can create a wand of any chosen 4 level spell, assuming you have the right components. You need components such as a skeleton bone for a bone wand for instance, which is available by killing creatures.

Scribe Scroll – You can scribe a scroll of any level spells and, as with all crafting skills, it will cost some gold and experience points depending on the spell. This is pretty useful if you are at a loss in a combat situation, and need your allies to inflict extra damage (only available with Hordes of the Underdark).

Some spells:

1 Level

Burning Hands – A cone of fire springs forth from your hand, dealing damage in the affected area. Be careful where you aim that thing!

Magic Missile – You create a glowing projectile much like a missile, and the number of missiles you are able to summons grows with your character level. This does not damage your allies, but is targeted specifically at the enemy.

4 Level

Ice Storm – This inflicts devastating damage to all within the area of the spell-effect. A great ice storm rains from the sky to cause bludgeoning damage to all enemies, and allies, within the area.

Fear – Put the heebie-jeebies into your foe, by targeting him or her with this mind altering spell. You will soon see them rattling and running away, unless their will throw saves them.

8 Level

Bigby’s clenched fist – A huge hand appears on top of your enemy debilitating him, causing damage and at the worse (should they fail their saving throw) stunning him. Perhaps one of the most overused spells in NWN.

Summon Creature VII – You can summon a greater elemental, fire, water or air, to aid you in battle doing what they know best.