The South and East Road - Neverwinter Nights Chapter 2 Walkthrough

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Walking to South Road

On the way to South Road, you’ll be ambushed by Solomon and his guards. Take them out and enjoy a relatively hassle free travel on the South Road – meaning you’re free to explore the caves and what not here without fear of being ambushed again. Thurwin will try to approach you again at some point, he’ll be “warning” you of the dangers ahead but still keep an eye out.

Now on to Charwood, you’ll be encountering a weird place here, with a town that seems to have been stuck in the past. A curse has been placed and you will act as a judge as to what happened in this town. Check out the article for The village of Eternal Night Quest (via the South Road Area and Quest Overview) to figure out this quest. Once inside this village, you’ll find a man who seems to have been sent by the cult. Kill him and get the Journal obtaining proof of the cult get this to Aribeth as soon as you finish this quest.

East Road - The Spirit Falls

On the final part on the quest for the hunt, just as you enter the East Road, you’ll finally be confronted by Vardoc. Take care of him and go on your way.  Keep walking until you reach the Neverwinter Woods, where you’ll go to the Druid Camp first.

You’ll find that the Druids are preventing people from entering the woods since it’s become such a dangerous place. There seems to be something wrong with the Spirit of the Woods. Talk to Aawill, the Head Druid about the situation. Once you’ve got all you needed, head on off to the Neverwinter Woods (but clear it up with Dregin first, the Druid guarding the entry to the Woods)

Once you enter the Deep Woods, you’ll be attacked by an enraged Dryad and some animals going on a rampage.  Try not to kill the Dryad if you can though, as you’re trying to save the forest. Get the ceremonial dagger from the Nymph’s house and head on off to the Heart of the Wood straight to Spirit Falls. Using the Dagger and the book you will find called Treatise on the Spirit of the Woods where you’ll learn the right way to enter. Note that if you take the wrong steps several actions may befall you, the first answer poisons you, the second does nothing, the third turns you diseased, the fourth teleports you to the Realm of the Spirit and the last will have you attacked by an Ancient Dire Bear.

The Spirit of the Woods

Once inside, you’ll meet a dwarf named Relmar. He’ll confess that he was the one who poisoned the Spirit of the Woods, as well as the location for the antidote to cure the Spirit of the Woods. Fight off with Relmar and once you’ve killed him, get his Journal that will reveal the location to the cult which will be in Luskan.

The Spirit of the Woods, having been wounded takes the form of a deer and will attack you. Don’t kill it, and give it the antidote that will cure it and the rest of the forest. Once you’re done, the Spirit will transport you back to the Neverwinter Woods from where you’ll make your journey back to Aarin and Aribeth. From there, you will acquire all the proof you need and will be able to journey on to Luskan. Tie up all your loose ends first before heading off because once in Luskan you can’t go back to Port Llast.

On your way, you’ll encounter a semi final battle with Darktongue Breakbone. He seems to resent you for getting a piece of the action, so deal with him before going to Luskan.