The Bard Character Class in Neverwinter Nights - Creating a Bard Character in NWN

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Introduction to the Bard Character

The Bard is often a musician, poet or storyteller, glorifying past heroes with tales or tavern songs. He is often found socializing at the campfire or in well-populated guest-houses, and is often the centre of attention in events, being an overwhelming personality and highly charismatic individual. Less frequently bards are writers; compiling books of personal tales, mythical figures or past heroes. However the Bard doesn’t solely jest and have a good time, he also concentrates on magical abilities through music and song; these can be used to boost his companions’ skills or simply to increase his own strengths before the battle ensues.

In gaming-terms, the Bard focuses on his Charisma and Dexterity attributes; the first because he can cast Arcane-based spells and the second due to wearing light-armour and various other dexterous abilities. Bards can set traps as they aren’t often skilled in close-fighting, and Dexterity also helps in this case. The Bard is also known for his depth of knowledge, whether it is items or tales of the land, and the Lore skill is something which you can build-up with this character.

Creating a Bard

Stealth is somewhat important to the Bard, as indicated in the need for good Dexterity values, but Charisma is your primary attribute here. As a Bard you can do most things a Rogue or Thief can, such as picking pockets, moving between the shadows or just hiding.

The Bard also has a unique skill, only found in this base-class, which is the ability to perform; as you select this and your Bard warbles his melodious ditty, you will see icons on the top-right of the screen which indicate which of your existing abilities have increased in value. This also has an effect on your party. Here are the main feats found in this class:

Arcane Defense – You gain a +2 bonus on your saving throws against the school of magic which you’ve chosen as your opposite.

Extra music – This goes in conjunction with the Bard song feat, which debilitates your opponents as long as they are within the range of the song and aren’t deaf. The Extra Music feat increases your ability to perform Bard song.

Curse song – Unleash a Dies Irae on your opponent, by cursing him and decreasing some of his abilities, such as Health points or the damage which they inflict. This is a long-lasting effect debilitating your foe for 10 rounds.

Lingering song – This increases the length of time your Bard song will last, which is an additional five rounds.