Neverwinter Nights Guide to Prestige Classes: The Shadowdancer Prestige Character Class in NWN Overview.

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Introduction to the Shadowdancer

A Shadowdancer is essentially a member of a secret service, but they also have skills relating to bards, poets or entertainers. They often use said skills in order to effectively gather secrets by their persuasive measures and, as with any secret agent, must show proficiencies in abilities related to stealth, such as hiding or moving silently. Shadowdancers always conceal their identities, operating in a world full of shadows hidden from the mundane.

Although this class is ideally suited to Thieves, Rogues or Bards, you can virtually be any class. There aren’t any restrictions at all, apart from advancing in some specific feats/skills. You can play the Shadowdancer with a base bard-class, which is often the choice amongst players, or you can decide to be more unorthodox in your choice by playing a fighter-base character and developing him into more of an agent.

Alignment doesn’t play an important part with this type of character. You can as easily be good aligned, and work as an information gatherer for an emperor or a particular church for instance, as you can be evil and choose to exploit the character’s abilities for your own gains. As such this class is one of the most varied, with no alignment restriction or race restrictions applied.

Race, Skills and Feats requirements

The main skills which are part of this character are the move silently, search, pick pocket and hide skills. Other important skills are the Persuade skill, which not only allows you to find out secret information but also makes it easier to get past guards (in some rich estates) or find out about hidden treasure. As a Shadowdancer you also have the ability to heal yourself and tumble in a fight. The requirements of the class are:

  • Must have the Dodge and Mobility feats
  • 10 levels of Hide
  • 8 levels of Move Silently
  • 5 levels of the Tumble skill

Some Feats acquired

Here are the main feats acquired as you progress:

Hide in plain sight (Level 1) – You can hide more successfully although it is still difficult to hide whilst fighting. However, as long as you stand still it is much harder for enemies to spot you as they require a higher level of the Listen or Spot skill.

Shadow Daze (Level 3) – You can use this ability once a day, which will cause your enemy to remain dazed and unable to move for 5 rounds. This is similar to the ‘stunning fists’ of a Monk class.

Slippery mind (Level 7) – Makes your character able to evade mind-affecting spells or similar tricks by re-rolling your will save, in case it is unsuccessful the first-time.