Neverwinter Nights Prestige Character Classes - Guide to the Pale Master Character Class in NWN

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Introduction to the Pale Master Prestige Class

The Pale Master is often a wizard who concentrates on the dark arcane art of Necromancy - the study of the dead - and their realm. Although it is a class ideally suited to wizards or sorcerers, there is no class-restriction imposed for the Pale Master. Aside from being able to cast arcane-based spells, the class also offers some stealth abilities and adds some combat skills, although no proficiencies in weapons are gained. As a result, if you do indeed decide to play as a Wizard, you will improve your melee fighting abilities and your strength in combat, which Wizards are often lacking. This is achieved by various spells available as feats, which will greatly increase your constitution and defending capabilities. Other suited classes for the Pale Master are Monks or Bards; the latter also using arcane-based spells.

The Pale Master requires that the character has an alignment which isn’t good. You can choose to be neutral for instance, which is a good choice for mages who are often true-neutral in the realms, or choose an evil necromancer-type character.

Race, Skills and Feats requirements

As a class based on magic you have all the skills which are initially available to mages, such as concentration, discipline and spellcraft. Additionally you are given the usual craft skills available to all characters, which are particularly handy if, in the case of mages, you wish to craft wands, while you also get access to skills such as heal, hide, listen and lore. These all form the basis for a flexible and quite balanced character overall. The main requirements for the Pale Master class are:

  • Your character must be able to cast arcane-spells of at least Level 3. From a practical view this means that the class would only suit Bards, Wizards or Sorcerers but it is far from being the case due to multi-classing. You can decide to play a Monk Pale Master, having taken 3 levels of Wizard or Bard for instance, so that your spells are up to the Level 3 standard.

Some Feats acquired

Here are some of the feats which you will acquire in your Pale Master journey, mostly based on magical powers:

Bone Skin (Level 1) – This will grant a bonus to your Armor Class, and will increase as you level up. The initial bonus is +2 points in AC.

Animate Dead (Level 2) – An ability which you will be able to use once per day, which summons an undead creature as your ally in combat. The strength of the creature summoned depends on your level.

Tough as Bone (Level 7) – You become immune to paralysis or stun spells.

Deathless Master Touch (Level 10) – You can kill an opponent on touch with this feat, unless he makes a fortitude save of 17 or higher.