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Introduction to the Champion of Torm Prestige Class

The Champion of Torm is essentially a good-willed Knight who dedicates himself to the worship of Torm the True. They will seek to eliminate all enemies of good, including enemies of the various churches within the realms and those who proclaim their loyalty to the evil essence. Champions also make great protectors or city guards, and they will always do their best to defend the weak and innocent dwellers, often by slaying the mythical Dragon or other similar beasts.

As a side-note, since Torm is a deity which is exclusively encountered in the Forgotten Realms campaign, you can choose to rename yourself champion of whatever deity is present in your campaign (i.e. Kiri-Jolith in Dragonlance settings). This is only for the benefit of roleplaying and doesn’t affect the game mechanics in any way.

Lastly, Charisma is very important for Champions. Being similar to the Paladin, they are able to use Charisma modifiers in some of their feats and spells used.

Race, Skills and Feats requirements

In order to choose the Champion as your prestige-class, you need to be of a non-evil alignment first and foremost. This means that you can be neutral if you like, as long as your alignment doesn’t shift in mid-game. The main skills associated with this type of character are: crafting skills (i.e. craft armor or weapon), the discipline skill (important for such a type of Paladin helping you avoid all sorts of debilitating effects) and the heal skill. You can also choose to play a Champion with high Lore levels, having knowledge of enchanted great-swords and other sought-after weaponry for instance. The main requirements for this class are:

  • A base attack bonus of +7
  • You must focus in any melee type weapon, which can be simple, exotic or martial weapons.

Some Feats acquired

The main feats which you will gradually get are:

Lay on Hands (Level 1) – The Champion can heal himself or others with this feat. The healing points which you are able to restore are calculated with your current character level and your Charisma modifier.

Divine Wrath (Level 5) – A feat which gives you a number of modifiers, including on your attack roll, on damage inflicted and saving throws. This lasts for some rounds, depending on your Charisma modifier.

Inflict Serious Wounds (Level 6) – You cast this spell, which will cause great damage to your opponents on touch.

Sacred Defense (Levels 2 – 9) – This improves all your saving throws (i.e. will save, reflex etc…) which can make your character virtually immune to many spell-types and traps for instance. This ability increase by 1 point per level.