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Mortal Kombat Armageddon Cheats Using the Wii Remote

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Mortal Kombat Armageddon has so many cheats and unlockables, but these you'll have to put in with a Wii remote and not a gamecube controller. See what you can unlock today.

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    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is the last release of the Mortal Kombat series for the Playstation 2 and the XBOX console and was the first release of the series titles for the Wii. These cheat codes are for the Wii edition and need to be up in using the Wii remote and not a Gamecube controller.


    You will go to the Krypt, choose the question mark, and then enter. Press the Z on the nunchuck four times and you’ll see the cheat code box in the corner. Things that have a + in front of them are done on the Wiimote Directional Pad and the things that do not have a + in front of them are pressed on the nunchuck analog stick. Good luck in using these Wii cheat codes.


    Falling Cliffs Arena – Z, +right, +left, +down, +right, +up

    General Reiko’s Map Room Arena – Z, +up, Z, UP, +down, +down

    Krimson Forest Arena – +right, C, UP, +left, +right, DOWN

    Nethership Interior Arena – Z, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, C, +left

    Pyramid of Argus Arena – Z, C, +left, +down, Z, UP

    Shinnok’s Spire Arena – LEFT, LEFT. +right, UP, +up, C

    Blaze – +up, +left, LEFT, C, LEFT, +right

    Daegon – C, C, +up, DOWN, DOWN, +left

    Meat – UP, +left, +left, +right, +right, UP

    Taven – C, LEFT, Z, UP, +right, DOWN

    Armageddon Promo movie – UP, UP, DOWN, UP, C, +down

    Cyrax Fatality Blooper movie – RIGHT, C, Z, DOWN, UP, C

    Motor Gameplay movie –+up, UP, Z, C, Z, Z

    Armory tune –+down, +left, LEFT, +up, +left, +down

    Lin Kuei Palace tune – C, LEFT, +right, +down, Z, RIGHT

    Pyramid of Argus tune – DOWN, LEFT, Z, C, UP, C

    Tekunin Warship tune – UP, +right, C, Z, Z, +down

    Drahmin Alt. Costume – C, RIGHT, +down, Z, UP, UP

    Frost Alt. Costume – DOWN, Z, Z, C, +right, C

    Nitara Alt. Costume – DOWN, C, UP, C, C, RIGHT

    Shang Tsung Alt. Costume – C, LEFT, UP, +right, UP, C

    Blaze Alt. Costume – C, +up, C, C, Z, +left

    Early Taven Concept Art – UP, +down, Z, DOWN, C, +down

    Firewall Arena Concept Art – UP, +left, C, Z, +right, C

    Mileena’s Car Design Concept Art – Z, RIGHT, UP, Z, +up, UP

    Pyramid Crack of Dawn Concept Art –+up, LEFT, LEFT, +down, DOWN, +right

    Pyramid of Argus Concept Art –+down, C, Z, Z, UP, UP

    Scorpion Throw Sketch Concept Art – C, LEFT, UP, +right, Z, C

    Sektor’s 2 Handed Pulse Blade Concept Art – Z, C, LEFT, +down, UP, Z

    Unused Trap in Konquest Mode Concept Art –+right, Z, +up, DOWN, +right, LEFT

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