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Metro 2033 Enemy Guide

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Want to know what you’re up against in Metro 2033? Check out our enemies guide for a breakdown of the main threats to your survival.

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    Death in the Metro

    Brutal attacks are never far away in Metro 2033 and you’ll come up against multiple enemies. You have to make best use of your weapons and employ smart tactics to survive. It is often better to avoid getting into a fight and just sneak past if you prefer to keep your face intact. Most of the mutants are seriously hideous and very dangerous once they catch your scent. In this Metro 2033 guide we take a look at some of the enemies you’ll face as you descend into the darkness of the Moscow metro.

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    Metro 2033 Glowing Mushrooms Even in an apocalyptic future where the survival of mankind hangs in the balance you still come across idiots who deserve to die. Whether they’re greedy bandits or vicious fascists you should stab, shoot and blow your way through them without delay.

    Killing Humans - Fighting human enemies in Metro 2033 is fairly straightforward. They will react to sounds and lights and they will take cover and try to flank you on occasion but for the most part the AI is not too clever. They often wear body armour so aim for head shots. If you want to take out a group who haven’t seen you yet then cook a grenade and roll it into the middle.

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    Snarling, toothy mutants that run straight at you and try to bite your face off. These things are only really dangerous because they generally attack in large groups. Later on you’ll get supercharged jet black versions of these with glowing eyes, the trick with them is to keep your flashlight on them because they hate the light.

    Killing Nosalis - Use a machine gun at range and a shotgun up close. If you run out of ammo the knife will make short work of them.

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    Rat Mutant

    Sneaky mutated rats that jump at you from the tunnels. They’re like small lurkers and they will attack from all sides for a quick swipe then run off again.

    Killing Rats - They don’t do much damage so you could just employ the knife to despatch them and save ammunition.

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    These things look like mutated cats or dogs and they run at you on all fours. Petting them will not improve their disposition and they can move quite fast. Some of them will howl to call reinforcements.

    Killing Lurkers - Once again a machine gun at range and then the shotgun up close is the best approach to take. Do not let them back you into a corner because there's usually a few of them in a pack.

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    These guys look like gargoyles come to life and they can fly at high speed and swoop in to crush you. You’ll only encounter them on the surface.

    Killing Demons - Best avoided altogether, if you see one feeding then sneak past. If you are determined to have a go then use a sticky nail grenade.

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    Metro 2033 Flashlight These things are like giant mutant rats and they are a bit more intelligent than some of the other mutants preferring to sneak round behind you or drop on you from above.

    Killing Librarians - Use the Helsing for a headshot or failing that the shotgun or revolver. Always aim for the head and don’t stop firing until they’re down (they can take a fair bit of punishment).

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    Balls of gunky badness that expand and try to explode all over you. These things really hurt and they blind you as well.

    Killing Amoebas - Try to use the pistol or an accurate rifle and shoot them as they come out of spawners to destroy the spawner in the blast. Remember spawners are triggered by your proximity.

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    Dark Ones

    Mysterious enemies who may be the next step in evolution. They’re smarter than you and you’ll have a few strange encounters as you play through.

    There are a few other creatures in the Metro 2033 universe but not all of them seem to have names. In any case these are the main foes you’ll encounter. If you know of any others then post a comment.

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