Metro 2033 Weaponry Guide

Metro 2033 Weaponry Guide
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Tooled Up

You’ll be facing down some seriously unfriendly mutants, not to mention militant humans, in Metro 2033 and so you need some decent hardware. In this weapon guide we take a look at the various guns, explosives and knives you can get your hands on and how best to use them to create maximum carnage. There are some unusual guns on offer in this post-apocalyptic hellhole but you’ll be glad you’ve got one, no matter how makeshift, when a howling monster comes lumbering after you. Join us as we explore the weaponry of Metro 2033.

You have five weapon slots in Metro 2033 and you can scroll through them using the mouse wheel or use the 1 – 5 number keys to quickly select a weapon. Pre-apocalypse high grade ammunition is also currency in Metro 2033 so you’ll mostly want to trade it in for homemade ammo and other goodies.

1 - Knives


Your most basic weapon is a simple knife. The knife may look rusty and worn but it is very effective at close range. You can slash away with the left mouse or punch with the right mouse button. You will run out of ammo and in tight spots the knife will save you. It’s also ideal for sneaky kills if you can get close enough.

Throwing Knife

These blades are designed to be thrown and work well for silent kills. You’ll find them lying around here and there as you progress and you can retrieve them from corpses after use.

2 - Handgun



Your basic gun is a six shot revolver. It is reliable and pretty accurate at close to medium range. Rather than offer any alternative handguns you get various modified versions of the basic revolver. You can find guns with some or even all of the following modifications:

  • Silencer – designed for stealth kills but it will reduce the damage of each shot.
  • Extended Barrel – this makes the gun more accurate and increases the range.
  • Sniper Scope – this allows you to zoom in for distance shots.
  • Rifle Stock – this dramatically reduces the recoil which is pretty hefty in the basic revolver.

The best mixture is the extended barrel, sniper scope and rifle stock. You should use the throwing knives for stealth kills because you never have much spare ammunition.

3 - Machine Guns


This is your basic sub machine gun and it has terrible recoil hence the name. It also takes around a week to reload so if you run out of ammo in the middle of a fight switch to another weapon. Short, sharp bursts are the order of the day if you expect to hit the target. You can get a silencer for this gun.

Metro 2033 Firing

Kalash (AK-47)

Once you find an AK you won’t want to use anything else but lack of ammunition will probably force you to. It is fast, efficient, accurate and works well at any range. You can also get a sniper scope for the AK but the standard sights are good so I wouldn’t recommend it.

VSV Rifle

This is powerful and accurate and you can get a silencer and sniper scope for it which in this case is recommended. A stealthy automatic sniper rifle is the result and it serves well at any range.

Kalash 2012

This thing really spits out the rounds and it is very accurate. You can get a silencer and a sniper scope for it.

5 - Explosives

Metro 2033 Moscow


The basic grenade is a pipe bomb and you have to light the fuse before throwing. If you want to cook it then hold Right Mouse and let go when you’re ready. You can see the fuse burning down so it’s a good visual clue as to when to throw it. It makes a decent explosion and you can take out several targets with a well placed grenade.

Nail Grenade

This is basically the same pipe bomb but it is sticky. If you throw it then it will stick to walls or people that it hits. Once again you can cook it first by holding Right Mouse. If you decide to use it on a mutant be careful it isn’t chasing you or you might find yourself getting blown sky high along with your target.

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