Mass Effect: Review Of Mass Effect – Overview Of Story, Summary, and Score


While the graphics, combat, and character classes are all excellent, the story is really what sets this game apart from other action RPGs. It is at least summer blockbuster caliber in scope and intrigue, and it will keep you engaged to the very end.The rumor is that Mass Effect is part 1 in a 3 game trilogy, and I cannot wait to learn more about the story and the game universe.

Despite the fact that there may be additional games in this universe, Mass Effect does not end with a cliffhanger. That is something I really like as I am not a fan of buying a game (or movie, or book) just to finish it and feel like I didn’t get a full story.

You also really come to care about the characters. I am genuinely worried about which characters will make it to Mass Effect 2 (and 3) and what might happen to them between games.

SSV Normandy – Your Ship

SSV Normandy

Additional Quick Pros

  1. You can play as male or female.
  2. The romance storylines are a nice additional (and optional) role play element.
  3. Content Expansion "Bring Down the Sky" is available free to PC users. This was originally a paid expansion for the XBOX 360 version.
  4. Voice Acting is superb. A number of well known Hollywood stars contribute voices: Seth Green, Marina Sirtis, Keith David, and Lance Henriksen to name a few.
  5. Interaction between your character and your squad mates is incredibly interesting and amusing.
  6. Very early on there is a scene where your job changes (I won’t say what specifically as that is a spoiler). This is only a few hours into the game, and it is a very epic moment. It really gets you fired up for the game and immersed in the game world.
  7. Despite the heavy emphasis on plot, the universe still feels very open. You can explore numerous planets in whatever order you desire.
  8. Tons and tons of side quests.

Additional Quick Cons

  1. Control of the Mako (the vehicle you drive whenever you land on a planet) has slightly wonky controls.
  2. Inventory management is a bit of a mess (but manageable). This goes for selling extra loot and swapping out your own armor/weapon mods and ammo.
  3. The weird "backpack" characters wear that has your 4 guns magnetically attached to it looks strange. I would have preferred if your guns just appeared out of nowhere during weapon swap.
  4. At the high end, more armor variety would have been nice.
  5. Some kind of support for modding would have really extended the playability of this game. The universe seems perfect for modders to drop in planets or systems for players to explore. Perhaps in the 2nd or 3rd installment in the Mass Effect series. The ability to mod in extra content would probably have added 4 more % to the final score (don’t peek yet!).


This is not only one of the best action RPGs for the XBOX 360 and the PC, it is one of the best games of any genre. It certainly is not very hard to score this game. It is one of the best RPGs for any platform.

If you would like to know even more about the game, bookmark my author link and check back soon for more detailed guides on many different aspects of the game.



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