Mass Effect 2 Achievements Guide

Mass Effect 2 Achievements Guide
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Saving the Galaxy Isn’t Enough

Like any Xbox 360 game, there are a lot of achievements in Mass Effect 2. Many of them can be obtained over the course of a normal game, but others require the player to go out of his or her way. This achievements guide will help you towards the goal of earning all 1000 gamer points.

Exploration Achievements

These achievements can be earned while exploring the universe of Mass Effect 2.

Scholar (15 points):** This is earned by unlocking 15 new Mass Effect 2 codex entries. It will be earned in the normal course of the game.
  • Prospector (5 points): This is earned by using a probe to obtain resources from a planet.
  • Operative (15 points): This achievement is earned by completing a mission found by exploring a planet with an anomaly.
  • Agent (50 points): Earned by completing five missions found by exploring a planet with an anomaly. This can be fudged by saving just before completing a mission, completing it, and then loading the previous save to re-complete the mission.
  • Explorer (10 points): This is earned by exploring all planets in an unexplored cluster.

Research Achievements

These achievements are earned in the Normandy’s laboratory by completing research projects.

  • Scientist (10 points): Complete any research project in the Normandy’s laboratory.
  • Technician (15 points): Complete 10 research projects.
  • Weapon Specialist (15 points): Complete all weapon upgrades for one weapon.
  • Power Full (15 points): Complete the evolution projects of any one power.

Special Combat Achievements

These achievements involve special combat tactics. If you’re not sure how to perform them, watch the training videos at your personal terminal.

  • Tactician (10 points): Hit 20 targets with multiple Biotic powers for combo effects.

    Mass Effect 2 Combat Achievements

  • Overload Specialist (15 points): Overload the shields of 25 opponents.

  • Warp Specialist (15 points): Use Warp on the Biotic barriers of 25 opponents.

  • Incineration Specialist (15 points): Use Incinerate on 25 armored opponents. Note this applies only to the Tech power, not the ammo.

  • Head Hunter (10 points): Kill 30 humanoid opponents with a head shot.

  • Merciless (10 points): Make 20 opponents scream. This is usually done by setting them on fire or making them fall a great distance.

  • Brawler (10 points): Shoot 20 opponents who are falling because you punched them in the face. Seriously.

  • Master of Arms (15 points): Kill opponents using 5 different heavy weapons throughout the game. This means researching and using every heavy weapon in the game at least once.

Story Achievements

These achievements are impossible not to complete as you progress through the game’s main story. The titles of the achievements and their descriptions are purposely very vague so that they do not spoil the story for some players.

  • Missing in Action (5 points): Save your crew from an overwhelming attack
  • Very Elusive (10 points): Return to active duty
  • Colony Defense (25 points): Defend a human colony from attack.
  • Ghost Ship (25 points): Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel.
  • Friend or Foe (10 points): Obtain geth technology.
  • A House Divided (10 points): Hack a geth collective.
  • Suicide Mission (50 points): Use the Omega 4 Relay
  • Against All Odds (15 points): Survive suicide mission.
  • Mission Accomplished (125 points): Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation.

Recruitment and Loyalty Achievements

You’ll receive 10 points for each NPC recruitment mission you complete. The exceptions are Miranda and Jacob, since you begin the game with them.

You’ll also receive 10 points for each NPC loyalty mission which is successfully completed.

Romance and NPC Achievements

Mass Effect 2 Romance Achievements

These are acquired because of Shepard’s relationship with the NPCs in the game. Both of these achievements can’t be completed until very late in the game because they’re trigged off the plot.

  • Paramour (50 points): Complete a romance sub-plot. This can only be completed at a certain stage of the game, so don’t worry if your romantic interest seems to be delaying things.
  • No One Left Behind (75 points): Keep everyone alive during the Suicide Mission at the end of the game. To do this you’ll need to complete ALL loyalty missions and make sure you pick correct choices during the Suicide Mission.

Captain’s Quarters Achievements

These achievements can be earned at any time in the captain’s quarters (and a few other locations in the game).

  • Fashionista (5 points): This achievement is earned by tweaking your armor.
  • Highly Trained (15 points): This achievement is earned by watching all of the training videos at your personal terminal.

Power Gaming Achievements

These achievements can take quite some time to complete, and in the case of Insanity can be very difficult.

  • Long Service Medal (75 points): Complete Mass Effect 2 twice or complete it once with a character imported from Mass Effect.
  • Power Gamer (10 points): Reach level 30.
  • Insanity (75 points): Complete the game on the Insanity level without changing the difficulity the entire game.

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