Free Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Walkthrough: How To Use Combat Strategies In Game

Free Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Walkthrough: How To Use Combat Strategies In Game
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Why Use Combat Strategies in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

Easy, you use them in every other game to get ahead and beat the game. And, if you don’t, well, then what’s wrong with you? Without strategies to beat games, you’d play the same levels and areas over and over and over - to no avail. So, without further ado, here is your free Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 combat strategy guide:

Using Your Charge Attacks

These are only one of the types of attacks at your disposal but one of the most useful if you know how to use it correctly. To do this attack, you simply hold down your “heavy attack” button for a bit (like about 5 seconds) and then your toon will start to glow. When he/she glows, the charge attack is ready, you let go of the button and you’ll charge the enemy that you have targeted. This is a great way to do some massive damage by surprise, so use it to your advantage whenever you can.

Why Combo Moves Are Cool

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Using different attacks together will create a combo move that will allow you to do more damage. There are several different ones, and if you use them together when you are fighting, you’ll find that your enemies go down faster. Here are the combos that you need to master:

Launch - you want to do normal attack twice, then heavy attack and you’ll be able to flip the mob you’re fighting into the air.

Multi-attack - you want to hit the attack button three times quickly and you’ll whack your enemy with all you’ve got.

Stun - to do this one, you hit attack, then heavy attack twice, which will stun the mob that you attacked and will even show “stun” over their head when you do it right.

Trip - to do this, simply hit attack, then heavy attack, then attack again and you’ll whack the mob so hard, they’ll fall over.

Using Your Special Powers

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Every different toon that you can choose has a special power or two up their sleeve. To use yours, you’ll want to hold down the right trigger button and tap any of the buttons on the face of the controller. You’ll start off with two powers, you’ll gain more as you level up. The problem with special powers is that you can only use them every now and then, there is a cool down and a timer to how many you can use in a specific area. Make sure that you use these when you really need to knock a mob’s health down quickly like when you are fighting a boss.

How to Use Fusion Attacks

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These are sweet attacks that will allow your toon to utilize the help of one of your team members to do some superbly major damage. Now, each different character and teammate combination will offer a different type of atatck, so it’s really cool to experiment with different toons to see what all you can do.

To do these attacks, you have to hold down the left trigger button and when the attack is ready it will put a weird little icon over your head. Then, you tap on the other member of your team that you want to help you. Some attacks will require you to constantly mash the attack button over and over again - so beware that you might have to do this to get the attack strength up.

Some of these attacks won’t allow you to be in direct control, but you’ll be able to steer where you go. Others will allow you to control everything. The ones that allow you to steer where you go will help you to do major damage to bosses.

Grabbing Tips

Make sure that you use your first few fights with mobs to learn how to grab them right. Otherwise, you’ll find out later (when it really matters) that you don’t know how to grab them and you’ll end up paying for it. You want to make sure that you go to grab an enemy when they aren’t near the others. If you try to do it while they are in a big mob, you’ll leave your toon open to attacks that you can’t block.

Flying Tips

For those flying toons, you want to practice using your charge attacks while you’re up in the air. This gives you a massive advantage over your mobs, and allows you to get in without getting hit.


You want to use the first level or so to get the feel for your powers and skills and learn how to use them to your advantage when fighting. This way, you will ensure your wins over other mobs later in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the PS2.

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