Free Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Walkthrough: Becoming The Best Superhero You Can Be

Free Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Walkthrough: Becoming The Best Superhero You Can Be
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS2

Face it, who wouldn’t want super powers? To be able to fly, have super strength, x-ray vision, climb buildings, swing from webs? Shoot, I know that I would love to have a ton of the great super powers that our favorite heroes are doned with. Now you can live out your dreams on your PS2 with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Here is what you need to know to become the best super hero you can be:

How To Assemble Your Team of Heroes

Believe it or not, you do have to put some planning into building your superhero team before you go out and start fighting crime. You want to make sure that each superhero you pick holds their own set of specialties that will help you through the mission, hence you need to get a well-balanced team that covers all of the areas that you need. You’ll need someone who is good at close range combat, such as Wolverine, someone who is good a long range combat, like Captain America. Basically you need to go through the different fighters that you can choose and see which powers will benefit your team for the mission at hand.

How To Level

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This is pretty simple, as it’s based on every other game out there - as you go through the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, you gain experience. Once you hit a certain amount of experience, you get to go up a level. When you do, you get to increase your stats by choosing which of your powers and skills you want to enhance. This is great as it allows you to customize your character any way that you like. To enhance your skills, you can either pause the game and use the menu to up your powers or you can hit back while you are in the game and do it there.

The Basics of Combat in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Of course, you have to know the basics of fighting in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 to ensure that you are getting everything out of the game that you need to. There are basically three different attacks that you’ll need to master in the game. There are normal attacks, charged attacks, and heavy attacks. Your basic attacks are really quick, and can be use to take out lower level mobs because these are weaker attacks. The charge attacks can be used to catch an enemy mob by surprise, while heavy attacks can be used to do major damage, but they are slower. You need to learn which attacks to use on different mobs to gain the quickest kills. Use the first two levels to determine the best combinations of these attacks that will give you the overall advantage in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is what you make it. Each time you change your character’s skills and power points, you’ll create a whole new gaming experience, which is what makes this game great. For those that own a PS2 and were worried that there are no good games out there, Ultimate Alliance 2 is a great one to pick up. Gamers of all ages will enjoy this great game, and you will get tons of great game play out of this one unique, fun to play game.

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