Find Out Why Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is One of The Best Superhero Games Ever for The PS2 and Why You Have To Play It

Find Out Why Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is One of The Best Superhero Games Ever for The PS2 and Why You Have To Play It
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Will Knock You Out

For anyone that is a fan of Marvel comics, you now have a super sweet game that allows you to play any of your favorites and team up with others. From Spiderman to Captain America to Wolverine, you’ll easily find out that this great RPG PS2 game is one that anyone can pick up and play for hours. Here is what makes it so great in my mind:

Story Line (5 out of 5)

The story line of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is basically that there is a massive two-part war going on. The first part of the story line is where some of the superheros follow Nick Fury into Latveria to take out Lucia von Bardas, the Prime Minister who’s supplying weapons and technology to the villains of the world. Here’s where the first part of the war comes in, as Nick Fury doesn’t tell the others on his team that this is a “secret mission”, and when Latveria attacks New York, it sets off a civil war between the superheroes.

The second part of the story line starts when the government decides that it will create a law that will require every superhero to register, therefore giving up their secret lives and taking orders from the government. Those that don’t register will then be a wanted criminal. This starts a civil war between the superheros between those that want to register and those that don’t.

You will be on one side or the other, and depending on which side you choose - you’ll lose some of the heroes that you can play. For example, if you decide that you want to register, you’ll lose Iron Fist, Captain America, and Luke Cage. If you decide that you don’t want to, you’ll loost Cap, Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic.

The story line is great, even if it’s a bit hard to follow at times. It will allow you to recreate different paths through the game each time, as you make different choices and go through different areas.

Game Play (5 out of 5)

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the PS2, there are several great new powers and attacks that allow you to really get down and dirty with your foes. You also have health bars to keep an eye on, and some great little mobs to beat up. Even the bosses that you’ll come up against are completely new fights and will have you smashing buttons until your fingers hurt, trying to beat them.

What’s cool is that you’ll always be in command of a 4-person team of superheroes that you can switch back and forth between at any time. And, as you go through the game, you’ll be able to unlock other characters, such as Hulk, Penance, Venom, and even Daredevil.

Basically, you and your team will be barreling through a level, smashing, crashing, and beating mobs. The more stuff that you smash, the better your experience and health points and bonuses will be. So, you want to smash everything that you possibly can. You use your moves to go through the bad guys like butter and get to the boss and through him to the next level.

The game play overall is completely awesome, even though it’s very similar to other superhero games out there - such as some of the X-Men titles and the Fantastic Four. But, the sheer idea of playing four of your favorite heroes at the same time is just too cool and the button mashing fun can be replayed over and over with different results every time.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

The graphics in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are simply great. The characters move excellently, with very little flaws, and the attacks are all fluid. You’ll find that the environment that you’re fighting in will be a bit dark at times, but it only adds to the feel of the game over all. You can see for yourself from the screenshots below that the graphics are superb, especially for the PS2 games that are out today.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Sounds and Audio (2 out of 5)

Ok, I’ll have to admit - I normally don’t play with the sound on when I am gaming. I’d rather have some heart pumping music going to keep my fingers mashing. This is the one area where Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 falls flat in my opinion. The music is really annoying to me but the sounds and voice acting are ok.

Overall (5 out of 5)

For any superhero fan, go get this great PS2 game now. Don’t wait. Then, come back and check out our free Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 guides here on Bright Hub to give you the extra advantage over other gamers. You will be able to replay this one over and over and get your money’s worth - unlike some other PS2 games out on the market.

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