Review of Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom

Review of Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom
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Majesty 2

Majesty 2 is a fantasy kingdom simulation game where you play as the ruler to the land, and have to beat foes to take back what is rightfully yours.

This game has a few expansion packs already, including: Kingmaker, Battles of Ardania, and now Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom. They are just purchasable through online versions. Don’t think of this as a negative though because it actually brings the price down! You can find these (as well as the base game) online at Gamers Gate.

Also, the expansion packs are separate areas and missions from the other games, so you don’t have to buy them in order, you only need the base game in order to play one.

Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom Review

In this expansion pack, you are playing as a king of monsters and not human heroes. In this turn of events, you will guide monster heroes to defeat the un-loyal humans that plotted against you.

You will be able to use goblins, ratmen, liches, werewolves, minotaurs, and other monsters you may have remembered from the series. These become available to you as you progress through the storyline. Expect to fight more ghosts, wolves, bears, dragons, and heroes from guilds you used to control. The storyline in Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom is quite interesting and humorous in many aspects too, but that is to be expected with this game.

With the new monster heroes, you will also use new buildings. Monsters don’t use what humans would, so expect to see the bazaar, blacksmith, pub, towers, and more change with this expansion too.

Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom - Gameplay and Re-playability (4 out of 5)

The Majesty 2 games are fun and quite entertaining with the missions and the storyline. It is however, not an easy game to successfully beat. Sure, some of the missions in the beginning are quite easy, but they aren’t all like that at all. They get increasingly harder, and make the player have to think the mission through and quite often change their game plan on the next try before they beat it.

Majesty 2 Screenshot 2

More specifically, the timed missions “Chosen by the Plague” and “Ritual of Death” were difficult to beat. Honestly, after playing the “Ritual of Death” mission in Monster Kingdom about 6 times and not making much progress to beat it in time, I wanted to give up. I didn’t actually give up until I finally made progress and then my game crashed out on me when I made it to the priestess area (at the end). Not very encouraging, but perhaps it won’t crash on your computers at this crucial part.

One of the fun things I like to do when playing Majesty 2 is to use the “Ramdomize” button on the campaign map. This moves the spawn locations of the foes and even the trading posts, so you never quite know what you will end up with in this simulation world. Sometimes it is much easier than normal, and sometimes it is much harder!

Graphics (5 out of 5)

Majesty 2 Screenshot 1

The graphics in Monster Kingdom are the same as with the rest of the games in this series. They aren’t too high quality, but they are really perfect for the type of game it is. They don’t need to be too advanced, so it does a fine job. I would like the zoom-in and zoom-out tool to do more, but that is something perhaps for Majesty 3 in the future.

Music (5 out of 5)

The music and sound effects in Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom are the same quality that are used throughout this series. The background music is great for the game, and the voice acting for the advisor is funny. I really couldn’t ask for more.

Overall… (5 out of 5)

Majesty 2 Screenshot

This expansion pack is really great for the series. It gives a new feeling to the game because you control monsters, and provides countless hours of quality entertainment at a low price. If you enjoyed any of the previous games in the series, you would enjoy this one as well.

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All screenshots for this article were taken by Sheri Newton, the writer of this article, while playing the game.