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Lord of the Rings Online: Hunter Professions and Weapons

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

When it comes to professions and gear, there are certain types that are the best for your Hunter toon in Lord of the Rings Online. Here is all you need to know!

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    Profession Basics

    When it comes to Lord of the Rings Online, it is no different than other MMO games in terms of gold and the economy on each server. You will need to earn gold for everything - gear, weapons, buff items, food, and training. So, without gold, you really get no where. But, how do you make gold on top of grinding for it? Well, easy my friend - you simply pick up a profession that will help you out.

    In Lord of the Rings Online, there are actually 7 professions that you can choose from - but unlike other MMO games, each profession is made up of three others. Each of these professions will have a gathering and a crafting profession, as well as one more that will fall into either category. Here are the professions and what they entail:

    1. Armorer: This profession has prospecting, metalsmithing, and tailoring in it.

    2. Armsman: This profession has prospecting, weaponsmithing, and woodworking in it.

    3. Explorer: This profession has foresting, prospecting, and tailoring in it.

    4. Historian: This profession has farming, scholar, and weaponsmithing in it.

    5. Tinkerer: This profession has prospecting, jewelcrafting, and cooking in it.

    6. Woodsman: This profession has foresting, farming, and woodworking in it.

    7. Yeoman: This profession has farming, tailoring, and cooking in it.

    Now, we won't go into each of these in detail in this article, but there are plenty of in-depth profession articles here on Bright Hub for you to check out!

    Keep in mind that no matter which one you pick, you want to make sure that you place as many goods on the Auction House as possible to earn the maximum amount of gold with your profession.

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    Weapons and Gear for Your Hunter

    Just like all MMO games, Lord of the Rings Online will have you constantly searching out better gear and weapons for your Hunter toon. How do you know which items are the best? Easy. You simply look at the color of the item's name. But, don't let this fool you! Lord of the Rings Online's color scheme is a lot different than other games, and if you aren't careful, you can be equipping something that isn't all that great.

    Here are the color codes for the different gear and weapons that you'll pick up in game:

    White/Gray: common items that aren't worth much

    Yellow: items that are uncommon, and usually are found through drops from mobs or as quest rewards

    Purple: items that are rare and are worth a lot more than yellow or white items

    Teal: these items are even higher up and are worth a ton more, plus normally have a special buff with them as well

    Brown: these items are the legendary items that you will gain at higher levels in the game, from quests, dungeon drops, or mob drops and are worth a ton of gold to you

    When it comes to choosing a weapon for your Hunter toon, you want to make sure that you pick up a good stunning melee weapon, like a club. And, you always want to make sure that you have a great ranged weapon, like a crossbow or normal bow that is on you at all times. Keep in mind that even in melee combat, you'll mostly use your ranged weapon, so make sure that it's always in good condition and that it's the best possible that you can afford for your class. One great strategy is to dual wield clubs as melee weapons and to use a crossbow as a ranged weapon. Set your dual clubs on auto attack and your crossbow on rapid fire, and you'll find that you have a ton more power than other Hunters do.

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