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Lord of the Rings Online: Free Hunter's Guide

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

So, you're ready to play a Hunter in LOTRO, but you aren't sure what you're in for - right? Well, here is your basic guide to starting up a Hunter toon.

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    Basic Information on the Hunter Class

    Now, when you think about the Hunter class, you might assume that it is like other games where you can use and train animals to fight at your side. Well, this is not the case. So, right now - dump everything you know about Hunter classes in other games out of your brain.

    All of it gone? Good. In Lord of the Rings Online, the Hunter's main ability that you'll rely on is his/her agility. This will affect the damage that you do with your weapons, your speed, your accuracy, everything. When you are choosing your Hunter toon as you start the game, you want to keep this in mind. Now, there are several different classes that you can choose from to play a Hunter on, but your best bet is going to be an Elf because they already have a very high agility stat. But, for those that love to be solo players, you might want to check out the morale (hit points) and fate (regeneration in combat) stats on other races before you choose one.

    When choosing your race, keep in mind that during the game, you'll gain items that will help you build on other stats that are lacking when you started. So, you can always choose the race you want, and buff it up as you go through the game world. Make sure that you know which stats the race you choose is lacking on, so you can start buffing that particular one up first.

    And, even though Hunters in Lord of the Rings Online don't get a cool pet to train and fight with, they do get to use traps which will help them hold their enemies in one place while they attack from a distance. For this reason, you'll want to make sure that you practice laying traps and killing off trash mobs so that when you really need those traps to save you, it will be second nature.

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    Starting Out On Your Own

    When you finish creating your toon and you're ready to head out into the LOTRO world, remember that every race will start out in their respective areas of the game. So, there will be different starting quests for different races - just like in other MMO games. But, you will start out either in Bree Land or Ered Luin, and head out into the world from there.

    Make sure that you do the quests that you have available to you at the time and grind when you can while you are questing to help bump up your skills and your experience at the same time. The best quests that you can do involve killing multiple mobs, as these provide more experience points than others do. These type of quests also give you tons of time to practice laying traps and using your ranged weapons on mobs.

    In the next part of this free Hunter class guide for Lord of the Rings Online, we'll go through some of the professions that are great for Hunter's to pick up, as well as some weapon tips and other great information

LOTRO: Hunter Guide

When it comes to playing a Hunter in Lord of the Rings Online, there are some major differences than in other MMO games. So, here are the basics that you will want to know before you start up a Hunter toon in LOTRO.
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