L4D2 Guide to Infected

L4D2 Guide to Infected
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Left 4 Dead 2 Infected

There are few games as action-packed as Left 4 Dead 2 even in the FPS genre. The original game established a variety of infected zombies and super mutants with special powers and the sequel has added a few new infected to send chills down your spine. In this guide we provide a list of L4D2 enemies and discuss the threat that each one provides before suggesting techniques for taking them down. Check out our Left 4 Dead 2 Weapons Guide to find out what to use.

Common Infected

These are your garden variety infected enemies and they make up the vast bulk of your slaughter fodder. They are rabid and direct and they move fast like the infected in 28 Days Later. They aren’t too smart and they respond to sound. They will generally attack by running directly at you. They are only really difficult to deal with in large numbers but you will be attacked by hordes of them at various stages during the game so always be ready.

Kill Tips - Head shots are the most effective way to kill common infected, enough shots to the body will do the trick but if you play in Realism Mode you’ll need to make sure and aim for the head or you’re going to get eaten.

Uncommon Infected

In Left 4 Dead 2 there are five Uncommon Infected types, one for each of the five campaigns.

![CEDA Worker Infected](https://img.bhs4.com/6e/6/6e6ddbb395728b20611eaf47a9a23c22d1c7810b_large.jpg)

CEDA Workers Infected** (Dead Center)
  • These guys are immune to fire and will occasionally drop bile bombs when killed.

  • Clown Infected (Dark Carnival)

  • The Clown can summon infected with his squeaky shoes so take them down fast. You can honk their nose with a melee attack (do it 10 times and you earn an achievement).

  • Mudmen Infected (Swamp Fever)

  • Tough to see and capable of blinding you with mud if they get an attack in. These guys are fast on all fours and can also move quickly through water.

  • Construction Worker Infected (Hard Rain)

  • These guys ignore Pipe bombs and they can take a lot of melee damage so shoot them.

  • Riot Police Infected (The Parish)

  • These guys are the toughest of the uncommon infected because they are shielded from the front so you can’t kill them with gun fire or melee attack unless you hit them from the side or behind.


The Witch is a frightening character capable of incapacitating or killing you with a single blow. She takes some killing too. The good news is she won’t bother you if you don’t startle her. So don’t venture too close and don’t make a loud sound nearby; shining a flash light on her will also get her dander up (and zombies get bad flakes). You can hear when a witch is around because she’ll sob or sing to herself and if she gets startled there’s a musical cue. She’ll scream and run straight for whoever startled her and maul them. You’ll tend to find witches in open areas so they are fairly easy to avoid.

Kill Tips - You need to do a lot of damage to kill a Witch so if one gets startled everyone should concentrate their fire on her. Headshots with a shotgun are best. You can always sneak up and co-ordinate a melee attack with a team mate to kill an unstartled witch or use a chainsaw because they do massive damage.


Infected Lineup

Big bloated mutants full of bile, Boomers seem very weak because they explode after very little damage, but watch out. If you explode a Boomer in close proximity you’ll be showered with bile which attracts the horde and blurs your vision for a short time. They can also aim and fire horde attracting vomit at you.

Kill Tips - Try to keep some distance between you, your teammates and the Boomer before shooting him. A single shot is usually enough to set them off and they have a very easily recognisable outline so you can generally spot them coming.

Playing as Boomer - The Boomer is really weak so if you play as one try to hide behind a corner ready to ambush the survivors at close range or linger behind popping out from cover to vomit on any stragglers. If they spot you at distance you won’t be able to do any real damage.


The Hunter is very fast and agile, capable of tearing at survivors' flesh with his long nails and pouncing on top of victims to gore them. Their greatest threat is to lone surviours: the Hunter’s speed, agility (they like to jump down on to you or climb up right behind you), and low profile (lots of time creeping on all fours and a dark hoodie) make them hard to see coming, and once you get pounced on there is nothing to do but wait for help.

Kill Tips - Hunters are not very tough so shooting or melee attacks will pick them off fast.

Playing as Hunter - If you take on a group as the Hunter you’ll go down fast - you need to use your speed to ambush a lone survivor as soon as the line of sight from the rest of the group is broken. Remember you can pounce and pin your prey for maximum damage.


The Smoker typically attacks from above and uses his long projectile tongue to snag a survivor and pull them towards him. He can also attack up close with a weak slash attack. Like when facing a Hunter you are at your most vulnerable alone: it is pretty easy to off the Smoker after he attacks; the source of your problem is at the other end of the the big freaky tongue wrapped around your buddy.

Kill Tips - Smokers are easily killed so any weapon will do the job but they tend to be up high so a sniper rifle is often the fastest way. Keeping an eye on rooftops, billboards, and so on will often turn up a Smoker to snipe before he attacks.

Playing as Smoker - If you play as a Smoker try to position yourself up high and focus on stragglers from the group. If you attack while they are together your tongue will be cut off quickly and you’ll end up disappearing in a cloud of smoke shortly thereafter. Best to be behind the group and pull the last survivor back towards you before their team mates realise what’s happening.


The Spitter

This ugly melted looking woman is capable of spitting jets of acid and she’ll also explode in an acid puddle when killed. The acid wears off but it’ll do serious damage for the duration that any survivor is trapped in it and can be used to block off the route ahead.

Kill Tips - The Spitter is easy to kill so fire away on sight, ideally before she spits on you. Just remember she’ll leave an acid puddle behind and you should wait until it clears before moving on.

Playing as Spitter - Playing as the Spitter you can really help your team by focussing attacks on narrow sections of the map and slowing the survivor’s progress. Even if you don’t get an attack off being killed in a narrow corridor will block them from moving on for a precious few seconds. You ideally want to target as many survivors as possible.


The Jockey

The Jockey is a really fast and surprisingly tough monstrosity that likes to jump onto the backs of survivors and force them off in his chosen direction. This impish infected can be a real nightmare to play against. Like the Hunter and Smoker he can render an opponent helpless almost instantly, so head for the group when you hear maniacal high-pitched laughter.

Kill Tips - The problem with killing Jockeys is avoiding hitting the survivor underneath. You need to aim carefully so the sniper rifle or short sharp bursts from an assault rifle are best.

Playing as Jockey - Playing as the Jockey is great fun and you can take a fair bit of damage before dying. You need to ambush survivors and once again it is a good idea to pick off the trailing survivor and run them back away from their team mates and into trouble. There are some places where you can run a survivor into the void and cause them to fall to a certain death so pick your attack points carefully.


The Tank is an absolute beast and worthy of the name. They are very tough and capable of throwing sections of masonry or pavement at survivors. If one of them catches you then death will soon follow. Their only weakness is that they are relatively slow.

Kill Tips - Everyone needs to focus all fire on a Tank as soon as they appear. Machine gun or sniper rifle is best because you’ll ideally want to keep a distance.

Playing as Tank - If you play as the Tank just have fun. You’re the toughest infected by far and you’ll be able to dole out some pain every time you attack. Best to target injured survivors because you are going to be slow.


The Charger

These brutes have an enlarged right arm and they want to grab you with it and pound you into the ground. The main attack is a fast charge followed by grabbing a survivor and slapping them repeatedly into the floor. The Charger falls into the group of infected you never want to deal with alone since they will knock you over and bash you with that giant arm until someone gets him to stop.

Kill Tips - Chargers have a lot of health but once they have pinned someone they won’t let go so you can use a shotgun or melee attack at close range. From distance the assault rifle, sniper rifle or machine gun will do.

Playing as Charger - Playing as a Charger can be very rewarding if you time your attacks right. You are tough enough to attack groups and the best effect is often to do it when they near the end of a long corridor because you’ll then charge off holding one of them by the throat and the team will have to give chase. By the time they get there you’ll be bashing the dead ragdoll of their team mate into pulp.