Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay: Xbox 360 Achievements To Earn In Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay: Xbox 360 Achievements To Earn In Left 4 Dead 2
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Campaign Mode Xbox 360 Achievements

In Left 4 Dead 2, there are several modes that you can play in, the main one being Campaing mode. During this time, there are tons of Xbox 360 achievements that you can earn - some easier to get than others. Here are the different Xbox 360 achievements for Left 4 Dead 2 and the easiest way to get them:

Left 4 Dead 2 Level Achievements

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Here are the Xbox 360 achievements that you can earn for completing the five different levels of the game alive:

Price Chopper

This first Xbox 360 achievement is awarded for those that just live through the Dead Center campaign, which is the very first level of the game. To do this, you only have to get to the rescue vehicle alive and it makes no difference what difficulty you are on.

Midnight Rider

The second Left 4 Dead 2 achievement is given for those that survive the second level, Dark Carnival. Again, make it to the vehicle alive.

Ragin' Cajun

The third level is Swamp Fever and if you make it all the way to the vehicle here alive, you’ll earn this Xbox 360 achievement.


Left 4 Dead 2’s fourth level is called Hard Rain and you can earn the Weatherman Xbox 360 achievement here by making it to the rescue vehicle. As long as you make it alive to the vehicle, it doesn’t matter what difficulty you’re on.

Bridge Burner

The fifth level of the game is called Parish, and it’s the last level. Simply make it all the way through to the vehicle alive and you get this Xbox 360 achievement - again, doesn’t matter what difficulty you’re on.

Misc L4D2 Xbox 360 Achievements

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These are some of the remaining Xbox 360 achievements that you can do throughout the game as you go and don’t require a special level or difficulty:

Shock Jock

To get this one, you just have to revive 10 of the survivors who are already dead with a defibrillator. You can’t revive anyone you killed, so you’ll have to revive those that your friends kill.

The Quick and the Dead

This Xbox 360 achievement is done by reviving 10 survivors that are incapacitated while they are under adrenaline. The easiest way to start getting this one is to use your adrenaline on the incapicated survivors before you pick them up and you’ll get it as you go.

Armory of One

This one is about one of the easiest ones to get, as all you have to do is find ammo, then put it out, and your team will use it. Simple as that.

Burning Sensation

For this L4D2 achievement, you have to set 50 normal mobs on fire with incendiary ammo. This one kind of takes a while, but you’ll get it as you go.

Septic Tank

To do this one, you just have to use a bile bomb on any tank. So, get a bile bomb (the easiest place to finish this Xbox 360 achievement is on Dead Center), then lob it at a tank - and done.

Robbed Zombie

To do this one, you have to get 10 of the vials of Boomer vomit from the CEDA agents that you kill. So, if you don’t get this one on your first time through Dead Center, run it again and you should.

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This is probably the funnest one to do, as you just have to honk the noses of 10 of the clowns. The easiest way to do this one is to melee all of the clowns that you come up against in Dark Carnival, and you can actually do this with just a few of the clowns as you can melee them several times in the face.

Stache Whacker

Ok, here is an Xbox 360 achievement that’s a bit weird. You have to prove that you’re stronger than Moustachio in Dark Carnival. You’ll get this one right before the barn and you’ll need a melee weapon with you. Start up the Whack-A-Mole game and then keep hitting until the game is over, the game breaks, or the achievement pops up. To get the achievement and the game to break, you have to get a score of at least 42. The good thing is that if you’re playing with friends, you can all do it at the same time and everyone will get the L4D2 achievement.

Gong Show

Again, this one is in Dark Carnival and you need to find the bumper cars ride. Before you get to it, you’ll see the “Test Your Strength” game. You have to have adrenaline for this one or it won’t work. Use the adrenaline and then your melee weapon to hit the red button on the game and break it.

Guardin' Gnome

To do this, you’ll again have to be in Dark Carnival and go to where the shooting gallery is. Start the game up and then get everything EXCEPT for the little peanut guy (he’ll subtract from your score). Make sure that you shoot the Moustachio as he gives you 100 points. You have to get at least 750 points and Gnome Chompski. Then, you have to get him through the rest of the level and hold him on the heli. The good thing again is that as long as you manage to hold him the whole time, everyone on your team will get the Xbox 360 achievement.

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Wing and a Prayer

This one is a bit harder, but can be done. You have to manage to defend your position at the airliner in Swamp Fever without taking a hit. Here is the easiest way: get up on the wing of the plane and crouch down. Then, you can use a gas can and a pipe bomb when needed. Let the AI here kill off the other mobs. Or you can be a coward and get in the safe room until the other players or AI finish off the fight.

Sob Story

To get this one, you need to be on Hard Rain and not have any of your party members be controlled by the computer - as they’ll ruin it. So, get through the sugar mill and into the safe room WITHOUT killing any of the witch mobs along the way. If you have to play with the computer, kill them off before you go - and you won’t make it without help… so unless you’ve got a buddy - well, good luck is all I can say.