League of Legends Singed Guide - Introduction, Runes and Masteries and Abilities

League of Legends Singed Guide - Introduction, Runes and Masteries and Abilities
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Introduction to Singed

Singed is listed as a tank and a pusher, and while these are great ways to think about him, he comes with a great deal more utility than just tanking and pushing. Flip is an excellent way to single out an enemy for attack and Singed’s speed makes him excellent at using the skill for iniating fights. He is also very good at taking down towers with the speed and damage boost that his ultimate gives. Unlike other purely tough but hard-hitting physical tanks, Singed brings magic damage, slows and utility to every team battle.

Singed - Masteries and Runes


Choosing masteries for Singed is a little different than other heroes - most heroes can find a way to incorporate all three mastery trees into their build but Singed has little use for the offensive tree. Even if you are planning on being a hero-killer and ganker, you are better suited putting points into defense or utility for survivability and mana. Singed’s real power comes from being able to rush in and deal damage and get out safely and from being able to use fling and poison trail whenever necessary.

0/21/9 and 0/9/21 are both good builds, making sure to pick up Strength of Spirit in defense, which provides health regen based on your mana. In utility, get all of the regeneration and cooldown reduction talents - fling is on a long cooldown and having it up when needed can really make a difference (for this reason, it can make sense to go 9/x/x and pick up cooldown reduction and mana penetration in offense).

For runes, regen runes, cooldown reduction runes and static HP or mana runes can help Singed greatly. Keep in mind that Singed is an excellent farmer, and you may want to choose static early game runes over scaling ones.

Singed - Abilities


Empowered Bulwark - Increases Singed’s health by .25 for every point of mana he has.

Poison Trail - Leaves a trail of poison behind Singed which deals [22/34/46/58/70 (+0.3)] damage per second.

Mega Adhesive - Throws a patch of adhesive on the ground which slows enemies who cross it for [35/45/55/65/75%] for 5 seconds.

Fling - Flips an enemy behind Singed, dealing [100/150/200/250/300 (+1)] damage when it lands.

Insanity Potion - Singed drinks a brew of chemicals which grant him [35/50/65] enhanced damage, attack speed %, ability power, armor, movement speed, and regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.

Singed has a fairly easy choice when it comes to which skills to level. Maxing poision trail is the best choice due to the excellent damage it deals, but if you are planning on doing a lot of ganking or working with another disabler, fling can be maxed first. If you need to, you can pick up one level of Mega Adhesive early, but Singed’s speed is excellent (with Boots of Swiftness and Insanity poison he can outrun most heroes in LoL) so more than that will rarely be necessary.

Singed - Items


Singed can be built for offense or tanking, but what is helpful for Singed players (and what makes him a good tank for beginners to start with) is that many of the items overlap. Regardless of how you are building Singed, it is often a good idea to buy a regrowth pendant at the start and build it into a Philosopher’s Stone. The regen will be useful all game, and the money rarely hurts. Another essential item for Singed is the Rod of Ages - providing health, mana and AP, it has everything that Singed needs. Consider rushing this item regardless of how you are building him. Boots should either be Mercury’s Treads or Boots of Swiftness - these will give the msot benefit.

For more offensive builds, an Archangels Staff can give Singed a significant damage boost as well as a fairly large chunk of health. An Abyssal Scepter synergizes incredibly well with Singed’s playstyle and can help your team significantly. A Rylai’s Scepter provides health and damage - the slow will not be incredibly useful, but may assist in chasing and escapes.

For defensive builds, almost any item can be useful. Warden’s Mail, a Sunfire Cloak and a Force of Nature can all be useful on Singed. Consider, especially if you’re doing well early on, building more than one Rod of Ages. A Frozen Heart provides health and mana as well as a useful aura. A Banshee’s Veil is excellent on Singed as well, providing a great deal of defensive capability.

Singed - Laning Strategies


Early Game

Singed can solo mid due to his survivability, but there is no good reason for him to do so. Try to get a lane with a carry or someone with a slow - Twitch is an excellent laning partner and can lead to early kills. Early on you probably won’t have enough mana to spam poison, so only use it to clear weakened creep waves and when harassing. If you can fling a weak enemy toward your ally or your tower, it should be more than enough to kill them. If other lanes are hurting, feel free to assist, but ideally you should stay in the lane until the tower is down - you have more than enough survivability.

Mid Game

Continue pushing towers, but try to be present for team fights - your flngs and general toughness are a huge asset when chasing or being chased. Singed is also extremely quick, so stay on the move. You should have enough regen now to farm, so do so with extreme prejudice - turn on poison trail and run ahead of creep waves for easy money. Don’t be afraid to push towers alone unless the entire team is missing - Singed has plenty of escape mechanisms. If you encounter solo enemies, feel free to engage - it is easy to get kills on unsuspecting enemies with flip and poision trail.

Late Game

An AP Singed can easily approach 3k health endgame and a tank Singed may be looking at 4-5k if they have farmed well, and they should have. Use your toughness to initiate, using Mega Adhesive and Fling to isolate lagging enemies. Push towers with your ultimate whenever you can, even if you have to tank the towers attacks. Stay with your team and you should have no trouble taking down towers all the way down the line.

Final Thoughts and Heroes to Watch For

Singed is one of the best tanks and one of the best initiators in addition to bringing several unique mechanics to the table. He is an asset to any team and a great choice for a caster or a tank. Pair him with a physical carry and he will dominate the entire lane.

Enemies to Watch For

Veigar - Veigar is probably your greatest threat. His ultimate will destroy you because of what should be a large mana pool. A Banshee’s Veil will be necessary in Veigar games.

Other tanks and heavy melee - Tough Melee champions like Malphite, Nasus and Kayle will have enough health to soak up your poison and the tools to catch you. Be careful when engaging these one on one.

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