Better Communication For Winning in LoL

Better Communication For Winning in LoL
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League of Legends is a cooperative game in which players must communicate effectively in order to defeat another team of champions. While some players will get on Vent together, it is much more likely that they will be communicating via text in the chat box. Understanding the terms will help all players be more effective in defeating opponents, and players of the game have developed a LoL shorthand of sorts. In order to work effectively with the team, players need to know the general basics of how long-time players communicate.

Terms A-L

1v2 Teammates are asking who is comfortable taking a lane where they will be solo and fighting two opponents.

B This usually means that your laning opponents want to go back. If pushing, it can also mean that teammates will be backing away.

Base This refers to the player’s base. It can also be indicated by simply typing “b”. This indicates that a character is going back to base to buy or heal hp or mana. Players usually use this to tell others that they will not be available for a fight. Laning buddies will use it to tell the remaining laner to be careful as the laning partner is returning tot he base. The Spawning Pool and the shop is at base.

Bot – Bottom. That means that the player in question is heading to the bottom of the map. This is always the right side of the map.

Build – If other players inquire about an intended build, they are simply asking about how another player is planning to buy their gear. Gear and Mastery Points can determine how champions are played. Some have tank builds and damage builds that are both excellent for the particular champion. They may be trying to coordinate in order to find out if they have enough tanks or enough damage.

Creeps - This is another term for the minions. If a player says to wait for a “creep wave”, simply wait for the next batch of minions to approach.

Fort – Someone is calling for a fortify. That means that a tower is being engaged by an enemy champion, and someone with the Fortify ability needs to use it to prevent it from falling.

Gank – More than two champions are pushing a lane in order to try to kill the defending champions. Ganking often occurs in the jungle as hidden champions wait for a chasing or fleeing opponent.

Jungle - This term is often used by people who are leveling up in the jungle. It may also be referred to as “jungling.” This is most often done by a Warwick champion who has smite and rally as abilities. That will mean that at least two lanes will be held by solo champions.

Laning – Laning refers to leveling up on minions in one of the three lanes on the map. Champions will defend their towers as they level up as well.

Terms M-Z

Mia – “Missing in Action”. This means that an opposing champion who is laning has disappeared from the lane. Sometimes that champion has gone back to buy gear or heal up, but no one on the teams knows the champion’s location. That means that the missing champion may be setting up for a gank.

Mid – This refers to the middle lane. If said without anything else, then the champion saying it is heading to the middle lane to defend, level, or gank. “Solo mid” means that they wish to level lane by themselves. This is done by a number of champions, but Ashe is the most common solo champion in the middle lane.

Push – A call to push is often followed by a specific lane. That means that all champions should gather up and go together up a middle lane to try to get as many towers down as possible, or towards the end of the game, it may be a push to control the opponents’ base.

Re This means that a missing character is back or has returned.

Top – Top refers to the left side of the map regardless of which side of the map champions spawn. When stated alone, the champion is letting others know that he or she is headed to the top lane.

Tower dive - A tower dive is when champions that are laning go for a tower regardless of the consequences. They do not follow behind minions, nor do they play with the usual caution when dealing with towers. This usually occurs when a champion’s ultimate is up and allows for increased defenses against towers.

Ult – Short for “Ultimate”, ults are the most powerful ability for any given champion. Ults are not obtained until a champion reaches level 6 and often determines how aggressive the opponent will be. If a player calls for an ult, he or she is likely speaking to a laning companion, and they are preparing to strike the opposing champions. “Ult up” refers to the fact that a champion’s ult is ready to be fired.



Since this game primarily focuses on team PvP, good communication is essential for playing, especially when playing with random, unknown teammates. The terms in this glossary are often used across voice chats such as Vent , Teamspeak or Skype as well. Thus, understanding them and knowing them can be the difference between winning and losing a LoL match.

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