Newbie Champions for Getting Started in League of Legends (LoL) - MMORTS

Newbie Champions for Getting Started in League of Legends (LoL) - MMORTS
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League of Legends, Riot Game’s new MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) and winner of the IGN Multiplayer Game of the Year award, revolves around player vs. player (PvP) combat with a variety of champions. Each player plays the role of a Summoner and controls one champion for every match. Each champion possesses four powers inherent to the champion, and the summoner may pick two Summoner Powers in addition to the four champion powers. LoL can be intimidating and difficult to learn, but some champions are easier to play than others.

Basic tips and strategies for League of Legends can be found in our beginner’s guide, and this guide serves to help beginners pick which champions to play first.

Ashe, the Frost Archer

Ashe is the featured champion for the LoL tutorial, so nearly everyone has tried playing her. She is a powerful and solid champion once she is mastered, but she also serves as an excellent beginner’s champion. Even the newest of newbies can add to a team’s effectiveness by playing Ashe. Many players expect Ashe to go to the middle lane and solo. Do not be afraid to simply ask someone else to do so, or stay by the tower and play conservatively if need be.

Since Ashe is a ranged character, feel free to stand back behind everyone else and plink away. Enemies will have to charge through teammates in order to reach Ashe if Ashe is played correctly. Simply never go anywhere solo, and Ashe can easily go a game without ever dying. Ashe’s suggested items work well, too, for those who are starting out the game and have not yet learned to build their gear based on their style of play.

Level up Volley quickly, and do plenty of damage without having to aim at anyone in particular. Ashe’s ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, can be fired at any enemy champion anywhere on the map. It serves as a stun that increases in duration based on how far away it was shot, so use it often and use it well. Her newly added Hawk Shot can quickly and effectively scout, so check in the bushes for ambushes before pushing a tower.

Sivir, the Battle Mistress

Sivir, the Battle Mistress

While Sivir is one of the best characters in the game for top tier players, she is also one of the easiest characters to play effectively. Sivir can mow down minions and break towers faster than nearly every other character in the game. In addition, her range is excellent so new players can stay far back while still helping tremendously in team fights. Last but not least, Sivir’s game recommended gear is excellent, so players new to League of Legends can buy quickly and have an effective item build. Remember that many pieces of gear build into others, so buy the parts carefully.

Sivir’s extremely high attack speed in combination with Ricochet serves to melt minions. With a pair of Berserker Greaves boots, she becomes a beast at clearing lanes. Her Boomerang Blade also gives her range, allowing her to keep enemy champions at bay while destroying the enemy creeps. Train those two early. Spell shield takes some practice, but it is an excellent spell that can be used to regenerate mana. It does require timing, and not all spells can be absorbed by the shield. Using it against Ashe’s Volley or Twisted Fate’s Wild Card is one of its best uses.

Do not turn on Richochet until it has been trained at least twice, though I usually wait until I have three points in it. Remember to turn it off when attacking towers so that it does not bounce to other champions which will immediately generate tower aggro. Last but not least, Sivir’s ultimate, On the Hunt, should be used for every team fight and when attempting to break towers quickly.

Teemo, the Swift Scout

Teemo, the Swift Scout

Teemo’s damage scales considerably, and his ability to create map awareness for the team is completely unparalleled. In addition, his range and poison allows him to safely farm minions and shoot champions without much danger to himself. Last but not least, he is one of the cutest characters found in League of Legends. Nothing is more humiliating than being killed by a tiny mouse-like creature.

Teemo’s Toxic Shot adds poison damage to his regular hit. Since it is passive, it requires almost no skill to use. Simply train it and hit minions or champions to poison them. Teemo can even get kills long after he has run away due to his insidious poison. Most players train Blinding Dart first if they intend to harass opponents, but Toxic Shot is the best for starting. For beginners, Toxic Shot is an excellent first choice simply because it involves no decision on when to use it. It is always being used.

Teemo has excellent get-away skills as well due to Move Quick. This can be used to charge an enemy or to run away. His movement speed increases by percentages, so it becomes extremely effective, especially with the right gear. Teemo’s Noxious Trap is his ultimate which he obtains at level 6. With this ability, he is able to create poisonous mushrooms that damage and slow his enemies. These mushrooms can be placed every 19-20 seconds, and they show up on the mini-map. They also reveal any enemies that hit it or come near. In addition, as Teemo is running away, he can drop one to slow his opponents.


Range provides the opportunity for new players to observe the battles, be effective, and learn how to farm minions easily. In addition, last hitting, which is the best way to get gold in LoL, is extremely easy to practice with these characters. Playing a few games with these characters allows any player to understand the fundamentals of the game without being a handicap to any teams.

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