Orianna Guide: Playing Orianna in Lane and Winning with Orianna

Orianna Guide: Playing Orianna in Lane and Winning with Orianna
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Orianna Lane Strategies: Solo or Duo Lane

Unlike caster-carries and some item dependent champions, Orianna’s lane choice are very flexible and can be effective in a lot of different lane situations. She works very well in a duo lane, especially when paired with an AD carry or a bruiser, and can be played as a support caster or a nuker in this situation. Duoing with an ranged carry like Ashe or Twisted Fate can be fantastic because of the incredible combined harassing power, and Orianna’s ability to place her ball on allies synergizes well with up front bruisers like Olaf or Xin Zhao.

She is also more than capable of soloing, even in a 1v2 situation on top lane - her ball mechanic allows her to check bushes completely risk-free. Orianna doesn’t need a solo lane to be effective, so only take mid or top of you have no other casters or carries in need of the lanes - and pay attention to who your opponents are. Orianna fares well against most heroes, but against aggressive and top-teir solo heroes like Urgot, Irelia or a frontloaded Kayle she may have trouble because of her lack of built in regen and relatively weak shield. It is very easy to fill whatever role your team needs as Orianna - she works well in any lane.

Orianna Guide to Laning


Orianna is a very effective lane hero, and is one of the most effective champions in the game for denying your opponent or opponents experience and gold - this is called zoning, and is accomplished by punishing enemy champions whenever they come close to the creep line to farm. What makes Orianna so devastatingly effective? Her ball. Use Command: Attack to keep the ball back behind the creep line on your opponents side, and whenever they approach, use Command: Attack or Command:Dissonance to harass and deny them. Don’t use the ball to farm - Orianna’s passive makes this easy to do with auto-attack, and you will push too quickly if you farm with AoE. This can even be done from within bushes, making it extremely safe for Orianna, and if you’ve picked the right runes and masteries, you can easily afford to be aggressive. Use this strategy to safely farm until you feel strong enough to be more aggressive - and if your opponents take too much damage, go in for the kill.

If you are duoing, this is even more effective. Work with your lane partner to zone your opponents even harder and pick up Command: Protect to give you a way to get your ball to the right place faster. Throw it on a Jax or a Xin Zhao as they’re going in for an attack and combo with a Command: Dissonance for a powerful alpha strike. By level six you should be well ahead of your opponents in gold and experience - go for a kill with your ultimate or return to base and get ready for the teamfight phase.

Orianna Mid-Game

Orianna in a team fight

Orianna is a team oriented caster. Use your slow, speed boost and other skills to make sure you don’t get engaged alone, but don’t be afraid to push and farm aggressively, Orianna has great AoE with Command:Attack and Command:Dissonance. Make sure you’re around when team fights happen, and either use your ultimate, Command: Shockwave, to expose the enemy carries to your team or wait for your initiators to begin the fight. If you need to chase or flee, try to hit as much of both teams as you can with Command: Dissonance. If one of your carries is under attack, combine Command: Protect and Command: Dissonance to shield and speed boost them. After the early game, your passive is too dangerous to count on, so only use auto-attack if you’re out of mana or the enemy is definitely fleeing. Stay at the edge of your ball’s range, but be sure to position it where it is likely to be useful. If your melee allies are smart, you can use Command: Protect and let them carry your focus to where it needs to be. You should be farming, pushing and team fighting exclusively during this time - avoid ganks and being ganked at all costs.

Try to talk your jungle into letting you have blue buff during this phase, as it’s when you’re most likely to be hurting for mana.

Winning with Orianna

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Orianna definitely has a peak effectiveness. Unlike hard AD carries or very powerful casters like Karthus or Veigar, she will not remain viable after 30 or 40 minutes, and may have to take a back seat to the ranged attackers on your team. The optimal moment for winning with Orianna is right around level 18, before any heavy late-game farming has gone on. Group up with your team and push - Command: Shockwave and Command: Dissonance can ensure that you will win teamfights, even on top of towers. If enemy melee champions like Malphite or Mordekaiser become aggressive, you should be in a good position to kite them, but make sure you’ve picked up some defensive items.

Orianna will not perform well on her own, but she can be a good candidate for split pushing. If your team is losing team fights, you can push a lane seperately as long as you watch the mini-map and use your ball to check bushes where the enemy team may be hiding. Use your slows and disrupts to flee, and don’t hold back - Orianna can survive by keeping enemy champions at a distance, but if they close, she’s extremely easy to kill.If the game runs long, focus on using Command: Protect and Command: Dissonance to help your most effective carry do their job even better - follow these tips and you will have a great chance at winning with Orianna.

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