Last Chaos

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    • Last Chaos Pets: Ichi and Scra-Chi
      A complete guide to the Ichi and Scra-Chi pet quests to help you acquire either an Ichi or a Scra-Chi. The Last chaos Quest Guide for Ichi and Scra-Chi also covers feeding you pet, keeping it healthy and buying pet specific armour and weapons.
    • Last Chaos Levelling Guide
      Reaching level 31 in Last Chaos can seem like a nightmare if you don't know where to train. This guide will tell you where the best training spots are for each level and how to level faster once you reach those higher levels.
    • Last Chaos Horse and Dragon Pet Guide
      Having horse or dragon mount in Last Chaos can be very rewarding for your character if you know how to take care of one. A fully trained mount can buff your character and act as a great form of transportation.
    • Last Chaos Class Guide
      A guide to all six classes in Last Chaos. Including an overview of each classes strengths and weaknesses, whether they do well soloing or partying and what each weapon choice offers.
    • Last Chaos - A Gorgeous Free MMORPG
      Last Chaos is a completely free MMORPG from Aeria games. It has amazing graphics, a robust combat system, and a deep storyline and gameplay.