L.A. Noire Guide - A Polite Invitation

L.A. Noire Guide - A Polite Invitation
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Curtis Benson’s Apartment

It’s time to give the old boss a visit and abuse our new power. Check the mailboxes and then go up to Benson’s apartment.

Let’s start things off with a bang. Kick the door in on the bedroom to find the young girl inside. After the cutscene, you’ll have Benson in an agreeable mood. Look at the folder on the table behind Benson. Open it up to find the stock certificates. Examine both and then back out of it. On the table to the left you’ll see the insurance agreement that they signed. That’s about it for evidence, so it’s time to talk to him.

He’s lying about his possible motives for fraud. Use the shares that you found as your evidence. He’s also lying about the suburban redevelopment fund. Use the insurance agreement as your evidence. Doubt his story about Lou Buchwalter too. When that’s done, you’ll realize that it’s time to swing back by the old office to crack this thing open.

California Fire & Life

Drive over to the old office and then head on inside. You haven’t been officially fire yet, so you can just go to the elevators in back and ride them up.

The file is lying on your desk, just like before. Open it up and read. Check the latitude and longitude first. Note the improved land value too, and you’ll trigger Phelps’ entry.

Hall of Records

Hall of Records - Adding Machine

Once you regain control, you’ll want to head into the Hall of Records. Go inside and talk to the guard, then go up to the second floor and into the office. Just follow the signs if you get lost. Follow the clerk and pull out the book that he notes. Note your old friend Sheldon’s name in the book, and then follow the clerk over to the table.

Just turn the knobs until you wind up at the right latitude and longitude. You can reference it in your evidence if you wish or just listen to Jack for the numbers. They’re not far off from the starting point.

Now we need to do the lot number. Punch in 1876988 and then divide it by 90,000 to get 20.You also have to add one, so your number is 21, which works out to “U”. Go to U and then look up the lot number again, just on the right side of the page. Check the value to trigger the next scene. It looks like we hit a nerve again.

Start out by picking off the guy behind the cart, then look to the right. There’s a guy with a shotgun moving up on you, so watch for him to pop out and then kill him. Grab the gun and then use the bookcase for cover and fire on the next one in the door. Advance and keep firing to take out the last one and end the scene.

Just Like Old Times

Raiding Leland Monroe’s Mansion

Go into your apartment, and then answer the phone to talk to Leland Monroe. It looks like we have an appointment to make for this one.

Drive up to Leland Monroe’s Mansion to trigger the next section of the game. I hope you’re ready for some combat.

When you regain control, pick a target and then put a few rounds into them to start the attack. Move along the right side, your men can handle the left. For the most part, just move up the hedge rows and grab a shotgun along the way. Use it to aggressively press until you reach the main mansion. Your fellow marines are surprisingly good at clearing the area, so just watch your back and use cover and you’ll be done before you know it.

Move up and kick in the door to reach the pool area. Note that you’re alone from this point on. Quickly drop the guard inside. There’s another with a shotgun waiting on the other side of the fireplace. Flank him from the right and drop him. Move up and shoot the next guard as you go through the double doors in back, then enter the office.

After the cutscene, move forward. Take cover on the wall and kill the two men in front of the stairs. Walk up and turn around to look at the men on the balcony as you approach the stairs. Try to at least get the one in the middle from the floor. Move up and pick off the other one, then go to the right and go into the bathroom to reach the side entrance to Monroe’s room.

Once the cutscene plays out, you’ll get a chance to look around.

There’s a newspaper on the desk behind Monroe. Read it if you want an update. Also look at the picture of the fund leaders. Open the ledger to see the payroll of corrupt cops, the blank share certificate and the file from Roy Earle on Fontaine. Then look at the file on his desk to pick out the names for Steffen, Morelli and Sawyer on his list.

That will wrap up the case for now.


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