L.A. Noire Walkthrough - A Different Kind of War

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - A Different Kind of War
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The Search for the Exterminator

We’re starting off as Jack Kelso for this one. We need to track down the real killer, and that means a few cold calls at exterminators. Start off with Rapid Exterminators. You can talk to the manager to confirm that it’s just a dead end. There is a newspaper here though, and that’s worth a read. You’ll get one of best scenes of Phelps and Herschel in the game.

There’s absolutely nothing to do at Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control. The real goal is Westlake Pest Control. Talk to the manager inside to get an address for your “cowboy.” We’ll work on that in a moment though. It’s time for a change of perspective.

Dr. Fontaine’s Office

We’re back with Phelps and Herschel (and Galloway) for the moment.

Follow Galloway into the office, and look at Fontaine’s notes as you walk through the door of his office. Point out the note to comment on the arrangement, then turn the page and note the red mark around the Sawyer’s address. Read the final page about the subject’s condition to get a better understanding of his agent.

Walk over and examine the Fontaine’s body. Turn the head to note the strangulation marks. Examine the lighter in his right hand too.

Look at the crystal ball on the ground next to him and note the blood stain.

There’s a newspaper on his desk, if you want it.

Examine the broken glass behind the desk, to confirm the suspect’s escape.

Look at the paper on the desk and shade in the blank paper to note the freeway route he sketched out. Grab the newspaper to put the overlay on it and note the freeway and development plans. It seems like we have the real conspiracy, at last.

Walk back one room over and examine the morphine in the medical cabinet to note the link to the old cases too. That’s about it for now. It’s time to hear from Kelso.

Ranch Bunkhouse

Ranch Bunkhouse - The Origami Cranes

Walk up and knock on the door, then kick it in. Pick up the flamethrower on the desk on the right to add it into evidence.

Walk into the room on the back right to find all of the origami cranes. Unfold the partially made one on the desk to confirm that it’s from the flyers.

Note the map of the L.A. River Tunnels on the wall. We’ve got his hideout, at least. Pick up one of the origami cranes on the desk to note it into the book, as a whole. Look at the war pictures on the wall too to confirm his identity. It looks like we know the suspect.

This will trigger the next sequence.

A Reverse Car Chase

This is a little complicated. We need to protect Kelso. This means hanging back and running interference for a bit while he makes his decoy run to the tunnels. He can take out the first three tails on his own in the turns. The main thing is to stay close. You want any cars coming up behind him to shoot at you, not Kelso. You can take the heat, he can’t.

If they try to pass you, steer into them. They should wipe out and flip fairly easy on the wet roads. Kelso can usually take out any single car that tries to pull up next to him, so don’t panic if one comes in from the front. He just can’t handle steady pressure. If you can take out the steady wave after you run the blockade, then the rest should be simple. Make it to the railroad tracks to enter the tunnel system.

The L.A. Tunnels

Kelso at the Arms Stash in the Tunnels

Move in and run to cover on the wall. Try to take out a few of the dirty cops before they can get into cover. Then move up to the pillar and pick off the other two. I strongly suggest that you grab a tommy gun from one of the bodies. That will make things a whole lot easier.

Move up and and shoot the lone man in the tunnel. Then kill another guarding a passage to the left. Take it down and follow the water into the side channel. There should be another dirty cop inside. Move in and take him out with some heavy firepower, and kill the other as he comes down the ladder. There should be one more above you on the platform. Gun him down. He’s guarding one of our suspect’s stashes, so you can go in and grab a BAR rifle if you want. It makes the next part a lot easier, and you’re probably low on ammo.

Continue along to the pipes. With your new firepower, tear through the three weakly armed cops watching the path. You’ll see one at the end get set on fire, that’s just a peek at what’s to come though. Move along the path and get behind the steel plate. Use this spot for cover and just calmly pick off the five guys. There’s three on the catwalk and two below you. One of them will be ambushed and killed for you by the arsonist.

Move down the path and around to ambush another three guys. Try to gun them down while they run for cover. Pick off the rest. Note that if you go into this surplus area, Jack will insist on grabbing the flamethrower. It’s actually not that well suited to the area, so I suggest that you just ignore it, unless you really want the achievement for using all of the guns in the game.

Drop into the water and wade across. You need to go between the railings to survive it. Put a few rounds into the cop that’s overlooking the area to make it safe. There’s a ladder in the back right area, so just wade over slowly and climb out. Run along and just use the pillars for cover to gun down the men that come running down the steps. You should be able to grab another BAR, or just more ammo for the one that you have, since one of them should carry it.

Just rush the first guy and use the pillars for cover to cut down the second man with the shotgun, once you reach the upper left. Turn to the left into the tunnel to finally find Ira Hogeboom. Then just watch the final cutscene.

Congratulations, you have now finished L.A. Noire.


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