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    • InFamous 2 (PS3) Preview! What Does Sucker Punch Have Planned for Cole This Time Around?
      Some time has passed since the end of InFamous, and Cole is now stretching his arcing legs as he ventures south to New Marais, an InFamous 2 version of New Orleans.
    • Review for Infamous (PS3)
      This is a review for Infamous, the prequel to Infamous 2 that was recently released. It's a Sony PS3 exclusive title, made by a company called Sucker Punch. It's also an open-world type game, which sees you controlling a new super-hero by the name of Cole McGrath.
    • Light 'em Up: All the Powers of inFamous 2 and How to Get Them
      Don't wonder if your loosing out on great powers by choosing Good over Evil. This guide will detail not only what powers you can get but how you get them and anything you should be aware of when you use them.
    • Is inFamous Living Up To The Hype Or Falling Off The Scene?
      inFamous is an exclusive PS3 game that has been hyped for months on TV, online, & magazines. It has its own short comic, its own flash game, and uses mesmerizing trailers in-game. From the trailer, inFamous seems to be having an excellent graphics processing. Does it live up to its expectation?
    • inFAMOUS Review: It's Electric
      Offering up the first hit of the year for the PS3, will Sucker Punch's latest game prove to be a true classic or just another platformer? Read on inside for our verdict.
    • Stunt Tips for InFamous on the PS3
      In the new inFamous game for the PS3, there are tons of super stunts that you can easily do that will help your toon in the game, and, well, just look cool! Here is your basic stunt guide for inFamous.
    • Guide to inFamous Buff and Shards Unlockables
      In the new PS3 title inFamous, there are tons of unlockables that you can easily get to help buff up your toon or help you find the shards that you'll need to get through the game easier. Here are the buff and shard unlockables and cheats to help you out.
    • Getting Unlockables In InFamous by Defeating Enemies & Performing Stunts
      In the new PS3 title inFamous, there are tons of unlockables that you can use to help you defeat enemies and help you do some super awesome stunts. Here are the cheats and unlockables that will push you over the edge and help you impress your friends.