inFamous Unlockables: How to Find All the Shards to Help You Move Up Levels of InFamous for the PS3

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inFamous Buff Unlockables

There are several unlockables that will give you some great buffs that will help you out in game. Now, not all of these will actually do special things for you, but these either deal with power or buffs that you can get in the game somehow. Here are the unlockables for buffs that you can get in inFamous:

Evil Sphere: When you’re evil, gain all of the powers that you possibily can in the game.

Evil to the Core Silver: Gain all of the negative Karma upgrades for every power in the game.

Goody Two Shoes Silver: Get full positive Karma on your toon.

True Hero Silver: Get all of the positive Karma upgrades for all of the powers in the game.

True Potential: Get every single upgrade for every power you have in the game. (This one takes a while as there are a ton.)

Truely Infamous Silver: Get full negative Karma on your toon.

inFamous Shard Unlockables

During the game, you have to collect shards to help you through the levels. Here are the different unlockables that you can get to help boost your shards:

Junior Geologist: Get 25% of the shards in the game.

Member of the Mineral Club: Get 50% of the shards in the game.

Rockhound: Get 100% of the shards in the game.

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