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    • HellGate Beginner Walkthrough For Engineers
      Who says engineers are useless in a battle to save the Earth? HellGate proves otherwise with their robot-wielding, drone-calling Engineers who can also dual-wield guns. Find out more with this detailed walkthrough of the Engineer class.
    • HellGate Beginner’s Walkthrough For Marksman
      Shooting things aren't always easy when they're trying to rip your face apart. Find out how to dish out damage and avoid taking it when playing as the Marksman in Hellgate.
    • HellGate Newbie Walkthrough Guide
      Get everything you need to know about Hellgate right here at Bright Hub with this walkthrough guide for beginners.
    • Why Hellgate: London failed, according to EA's David DeMartini
      In a major interview with Gamasutra, David DeMartini discussed the failure of Hellgate: London. Hellgate never approached the kind of sales that was expected from a spiritual successor to Diablo and Diablo II.
    • What happened to Hellgate: London?
      How could a bunch of guys from Blizzard break off to form their own company, then screw things up so badly that they will more likely go out of business after releasing just one game?
    • Hellgate: London - State of the Game is Not Good
      Hellgate: London launched eight months ago, and people hailed the creation of former Blizzard developer Bill Roper and his team at Flagship Studios as the spiritual successor to the Diablo franchise. Now, after eight months, how has the game lived up to the hype?