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Halo: RTS Evolved

So, you’ve gotten your hands on Halo Wars - you may be sitting there failing a level over and over asking, “what’s wrong?” The simple answer is that an RTS requires, well, Real Time Strategy. You need to be able to switch tactics on the fly, you need to be able to roll with the punches that the game throws at you. That being said, here are three tips that will greatly help you out when you’re playing the game - making sure that you’re able to pass those levels that are giving you trouble without a problem.

Tip # 1 - Know Your Units

After you’re done reading tip 3, you’ll realize what it is about this tip that is so pivotal. When you’re playing the game, the most important thing about the units in the game is knowing how the rock-paper-scissors mechanic works. For those first timers to the RTS genre, the R-P-S mechanic is what makes sure that sending out a team of marines to take down a tank-slayer will horribly fail. If you know that you need a Cobra to defeat a tank-destroyer, you won’t have to sit there wasting time and resources trying to figure out which unit to produce to defend your base, which may already be a little too late. By knowing which units to produce and which ones to not produce, tip 3 is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Tip # 2 - Mash that “Y” Button

The tutorial level of the game (essentially the first two levels) do an excellent job of teaching you all you’ll need to know on how to play the game, but one thing that it doesn’t teach you very well is the fact that every unit out there has a “special ability” which can be upgraded. The greatest thing you can do to take care of more powerful units is power up a tank with a “canister” ability, which allows the Scorpion to fire out these shrapnel-like rounds that blow tanks, buildings, and smaller units to smithereens. Make sure to know what your individual unit abilities so that you can better send out your units.

Tip # 3 - Base Building

This tip is going to come down to one thing: build supply pads! Supply pads are your bread and butter in every new map that you enter - the more resources you have, the better off you will be. Decide what units you’ll want to build, then optimize your base by creating reactors that only reach the minimum tech level required. For instance, if you’re only interesting in building Scorpions, build one reactor, upgrade it, and build the vehicle depot. The other spaces should all be heavy supply pads that are helping you to keep building the tanks. In the level where you have to take down the Scarab, this is the exact strategy that will lead you to victory - continue building tanks even if you don’t need them. Make sure that your army is almost always at maximum size, that’ll aid you greatly in destroying your enemies.

Follow these tips and I guarantee that your Halo Wars experience will be greatly helped, and you’ll be able to better pass those levels that were giving you so much trouble.