Halo Reach Noble Map Pack: Breakpoint Guide

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack: Breakpoint Guide
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Breakpoint Breakout

Breakpoint is the Noble Map Pack’s most massive and by in large ambitious map. It’s perfect for big team slayer, invasion or team snipers and most other game types are also reasonable thanks to the ample supply of vehicles and shortcuts through the level. If you’re looking to really crush it on an objective based gametype bring some friends because with such a gigantic level some form of coordination beyond the usual prepubescent cursing bouts is more or less required.

At it’s core Breakpoint is a vehicle fest and your best bet for success really relies on your ability to maximize the effectiveness of your team’s vehicles while shutting down the other team’s. It doesn’t matter what game type your playing for the most part, he who controls the vehicles controls the world.

Team Slayer: Early Game


So you’ve jumped into a good ole' fashioned round of team slayer and as is typically the case the entire team rushed to the banshee and most of you shot at whoever managed to snag it, half destroying it in the process. bully for you! Now what? Well since Breakpoint is rather vehicle oriented and you’ve got so much pent up rage that you don’t get to reenact your Starfox Glory days in that sweet Banshee you might as well do the next best thing, blow the living hell out of whoever won that banshee race on the other team.

Luckily for you Breakpoint has a veritable buffet of anti-vehicle weapons and we’re more than happy to guide you to them. If you’re starting on the cliffs you’re in luck. You’ve got a rocket launcher and a spartan laser located just a hop, skip and a jump away from the starting point. The rocket launcher is located on the stairs leading up to the second floor of the research facility right in front of your spawn point and the spartan laser is by the HAL looking object on the patio below near the bridge. Perfect for ending that banshee that just blew your teammate out of the sky.

If you’re starting in the hanger things aren’t quite as peachy as the other team but if you run to the underside of the large building to your right where the core is set up in invasion you’ll find a rocket launcher of your very own.

Now if you’re feeling sporting you could always run to the Wraith which is located in the middle of the map over the bridges, but chances are you’ll be better off heading to the anti-vehicle weapons. Worst case scenario they get the tank before your team, in which case you’ll be the only one ready to remedy that mistake.

Team Slayer: The Later Years


So the game has progressed and most of the early vehicles have been taken care of, now what? Well that’s all up to you. If you’re feeling a little headshot crazy there are sniper rifles located in the middle of the tunnel on the walkway, and in a more reclusive area under the bridge closest to the core holding building. There are plenty of sniper spots in the map although the best vantage point is obviously the ridge in the middle, as an added bonus it’s fairly hard to hit anyone up there with anything short of a sniper rifle or a banshee anyway. Speaking of Banshees if you haven’t mopped up the other team’s flier the sniper rifle does quick work of the banshee, especially if it’s already taken some damage by this point.

Another option is to hang out in the multitude of tunnels in Breakpoint, they provide perfect cover from the inevitable vehicle attacks and can set you up for a nice hijack if one does come to close to your cover.

Sticking in cover is going to keep your deaths down as you’re less likely to be turned to glass by one of the big guns in the level and you’re likely to snag a good weapon as someone tries to sneak through to a big fight with a rocket launcher or sniper rifle This is the one area of the level where grabbing a good short range weapon actually pays off as almost no one expects a shotgun blast to the grill when they’re running through the tunnel under the ridge.

Team Slayer: When Things Go Wrong


Finally if things are just taking a turn towards nerd rage town and your team just isn’t cutting it, it’s always a good idea to figure out the enemies favorite shooting grounds and make sure they don’t get a good setup and wreck your team. Grab a mobile armor ability like sprint or jet pack and make the rounds on the usual haunts.

Typically you’re going to find enemies on the ridge trying to snipe their way to victory, put them down and grab that rifle for your own. Another great area that is usually home to sniper mcgee is the three short pillars in the middle of the bridges by the Wraith tank spawn point. Not only is taking down the enemy snipers going to save your team a headache but that rifle is going to just wreck any left over vehicles that are running for cover.

If that’s done find a nice long range weapon, the focus rifle by bridge on the cliff side is almost never taken, and watch the spawn points of the key vehicles. Usually the other team is so focused on running down your teammates that they’ll forget to check and you can snag an easy Wraith or Banshee and hopefully kill anyone on the other team who saw it at the same time.

If you can keep a steady supply of vehicles and weapons headed towards your team for most of the match things are likely looking good and with a little luck you’ll be headed straight to the victory screen.