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Noble Team - Meet the Cast of Halo: Reach

by: Simon Williams ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this introduction to the Halo: Reach characters, Bright Hub gives you an overview of the six members of Noble Team and the history of this proud Spartan unit.

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    Halo: Reach Characters - Introduction

    Halo Reach Characters - Halo Reach Halo: Reach centers on the actions and experiences of an elite commando squad of the UNSC Special Warfare Command Group. Having received special physical and mental augmentations as part of the SPARTAN supersoldier program, each is an incredible fighting machine, amongst the very best the UNSC forces can call on. Through the eyes and actions of Halo: Reach's Noble Team, the player will see the very roots of the war against the Covenant that form the main storyline of Halo: Combat Evolved through to Halo 3, and the tragic losses that would see the Human forces left teetering on the brink of overwhelming defeat.

    In this Halo: Reach characters guide, we'll introduce you to the main protagonist, the mysterious SPARTAN-312, as well as the group of brave and battleworn soldiers that they must combine with to hold off the Covenant assault and try to prevent the Fall of Reach.

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    SPARTAN-312 (AKA Noble Six)

    Halo Reach Characters - SPARTAN-312 Halo: Reach's playable character is a mysterious Spartan warrior with a history of lone undercover missions. He/She (Halo: Reach allows the player to choose the gender for SPARTAN-312, with a full audio track for both the male and female versions) is described as being one of only two Spartans to have earned the "Hyper Lethal" rating (guess who the other is) by Dr. Catherine Halsey, the original founder of the SPARTAN-II project. The character's shadowy background appears to have included being use to single-handedly repress civilian militia groups, as well as other morally-suspect "black ops". SPARTAN-312 is a highly skilled test pilot, something that will become vital as the Fall of Reach becomes imminent.

    At the beginning of Halo: Reach, SPARTAN-312 finds him/herself assigned to Noble Team to replace the recently deceased Thom-293. The character must overcome the suspicions of his new team mates, as well as rein in his/her "lone wolf" tendencies to battle the Covenant in the last days of the human colony on Reach.

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    Carter-259 (AKA Noble One)

    Halo Reach Characters - Carter-259 The battle-scarred leader of Noble Team, and with Kat-320, one of only two survivors of the original line-up, Carter-259 has seen enough war and bloodshed to last anyone a lifetime. At the start of Halo: Reach, Carter-259 is still consumed by guilt over the loss of Thom-293 in a prior mission to destroy a Covenant Battlecruiser, blaming himself for his fellow Spartan's death. This makes accepting SPARTAN-312 on to the team a difficult matter for him.

    A heroic and selfless commander, dedicated to Noble Team and its members safety, Carter-259 was born to lead. Unusually for Spartans, he is able to deal well with other personnel and civilians. For fans of the live-action Halo: Reach trailer Birth Of A Spartan, the youth undergoing the augmentation procedures featured is a young Carter-259.

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    Kat-320 (AKA Noble Two)

    Halo Reach Characters - Kat-320 The other original Noble Team member, Kat-320 is a cryptoanalysis and computer hacking specialist, with an almost superhuman ability to decipher and process information under pressure, making her a brilliant battlefield tactician. Due to what her and Carter-259 have endured together, she and he share a close bond, and Kat-320 is devotedly loyal and protective of her Commander. Like him, she has assumed a burden of guilt for the death of Thom-293, despite it in reality being down to an act of tactical stupidity on the dead Spartan's part.

    The attack upon the Covenant Battlecruiser that led to Thom-293's loss also resulted in Kat-320 having her right arm severely injured, amputated and replaced with a cybernetic arm. The high level of technology in the Halo universe, however, means that this causes her little inconvenience, and she still uses it as her shooting hand.

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    Jun-266 (AKA Noble Three)

    Halo Reach Characters - Jun-266 Jun-266 is the sniping specialist of Noble Team. Highly talented with ranged weapons, Jun-266's mental state has been called into question, not least because of his tendency to constantly chatter away during combat. There are suggestions that he may be suffering some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and his cold detachment from the results of his actions can make him appear almost sociopathic. However, this may be his way of rationalizing the horrors he has witnessed in combat and continuing to be able to function calmly under the intense pressure Noble Team finds itself facing.

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    Emile-239 (AKA Noble Four)

    Halo Reach Characters - Emile-239 Warrant Officer Emile-239 is the assault specialist of Noble Team, and brings to his role an aggression bordering on the unhinged. While a highly effective soldier, the level of violence he deploys has made him unusable in militia repression in the past, due to the negative media coverage his actions tend to occur. Emile-239's collection of Covenant war trophies and contraband also hint at his obsessive and dark nature. His bravery and willingness to face death to save the inhabitants of Reach are not in doubt, though, and the carved skull emblem on his EVA helmet strikes fear into the hearts of his Covenant adversaries.

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    Jorge-052 (AKA Noble Five)

    Halo Reach Characters - Jorge-052 The oldest member of Noble Team, Jorge-052 is a survivor of the prior SPARTAN-II augmentation program. He is the heavy weapons specialist in the squad, touting a heavy machine gun to rain death upon the UNSC's enemies. Despite being through the hell of thirty years in the Spartan ranks, Jorge-052's body shows no signs of giving in under the strain, a testament to the power of the augmentation process. His long military history has seen him in action as much against his own kind as Covenant forces, being utilized to brutally suppress insurrections on human worlds. His own political opinions may be ideologically suspect, but these have never prevented him from carrying out his duty.

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    So these are the six main Halo: Reach characters through whom the player will experience the tragic devastation of the human colony of Reach. With them you will experience terrifying combat, uplifting victories and devastating defeats. What is for sure is that, after the Fall of Reach, the war of Human against Covenant will never be the same again.