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Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Walkthrough - Lowlife - The Elevator Fight

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It's almost time for us to finally escape from the sewers of City 17. We need to get past a lot of antlions and make a last stand around the elevator if we want to get out of this alive. If you need any help getting through the zombie hordes, then look here.

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    Antlion Arena

    When you come out at the top of the stairs, you should see a few zombines attacking antlion burrows in a garage structure. Move quickly, since one usually pulls out a grenade. Those still sting even if you’re behind the fence. Go to the end with your full shotgun and kill the first few antlions. Go to the center and use the gravity gun to knock the car into the burrow by the entrance to get a good start to the arena.

    This antlion arena is a fairly tough area if you panic. I’ve actually seen Alyx die here, so that should give you an idea of the difficulty. You should be able to use the gravity gun to knock them onto their backs. Alyx seems to have a special kill combo for disabled antlions, so this is pretty effective. Go up the beam and turn around. If Alyx is surrounded, help her out. Then go forward through the narrow door with the supply box. Use the gravity gun to knock out the green car. Push it down into the pit and use it to block one of the burrows.

    The battle gets a lot easier with just one burrow. Just pull out the shotgun and use it to keep them off your back. Go up the beams to the third floor. Look for the broken fence and go onto the ledge. Kill the zombine lying below and then drop down. Use the wheel to open the gate and then push the white car out into the pit. Use it to block the last burrow and end the fight.

    Go back up to the third floor to the spot where Alyx should be waiting. Use the red wheel to open the side gate. Pick up the health packs and battery and then go down the steps. There’s a supply crate and half a zombie in the water at the bottom. Go down and kill it if you want more supplies. Go down the side room and into the shallow water. Go forward and help Alyx kill the 4 zombine that come at you. Then go by the pipes into the next area. Watch out though, since it looks like a zombine spawns behind you. Push forward and kill any stragglers and then go into the big room. Go ahead and grab the supplies to the right before you approach the elevator. This is the big fight for this chapter, so get ready.

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    The Elevator Fight

    Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - The Elevator Fight Oh boy. I just hate this fight. Before it starts, you have to fire up the elevator after the power blows. Go down the left side of the room to the double doors locked with a bar. Use the gravity gun to lift the bar. Keep out the gravity gun though. Open the doors and use the gravity gun to pull away the grenade and throw it back into the closet to kill the zombine. Use the fuse box and grab the health kits. Then quickly fall back to the elevator for your last stand.

    There are 3 flares and 3 oxygen tanks by the elevator. There are also explosive barrels everywhere. Shoot a few of those and drop a flare for some light. The real trick is catching the zombies on fire though. A burning dead zombie is a great light source. Just hitting them with a flare will work.

    There is no great way to survive this. The first wave comes from the right. After that, it’s basically chaos with zombine, zombies, and a few fast zombies attacking from all sides. Just keep close to the elevator, light new flares, and use the oxygen tanks to keep the area lit. Then fire away with the shotgun at anything that gets remotely close. The biggest danger is that a zombine will get close and suicide attack you. The only real defense is staying close to the elevator so that you only have attacks from the front and the right. The left side is partially blocked by the fence and Alyx should also keep it fairly well covered. After about 3 waves, the elevator will finally come. Jump into it and get to the back in case a zombine with a grenade comes. Ride it up to the top with Alyx to end the survival horror portion of the game.