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Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Walkthrough - Chapter 1: Undue Alarm

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Gordon Freeman has escaped from the G-man and now has to do a bit of maintenance work on the Citadel. You'll have to deal with a few stalkers and start working your way through the ruins of the collapsing Citadel. If you need any help with your return to City 17, then just check here.

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    A Wild Ride

    Seems like there’s a fun surprise from the vortiguants. After the scene ends, Dog should dig you out of the rubble. Go ahead and enjoy the little reunion. Wait for Alyx to catch you up, and then follow her up to the monitor. You need to use the gravity gun to pull the boards off of the little metal gate. It will then fall down and give you a little ramp. Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - Yeah...Riding a Car Across a Ravine Couldn't Possibly Go Wrong 

    Go up and listen to Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Vance. It seems that you have some more work to do in the Citadel. Wait for Dog to lift up the destroyed gunship and clear a path. Drop down to the ledge. Walk forward and duck under the pipe. Wait for the dust to clear from the nearby crash. You can easily clear the gap as long as you have a running start. Go forward more and duck under the pipe. Use the gravity gun to knock the car out of your way and down into the pit. Go into the clearing ahead and wait for Dog.

    Just watch Dog and Alyx for a moment while they come up with a plan. Make sure that you don’t get hit by the car that Dog throws over. Then just get inside when he gives you the signal. Enjoy the ride.

    Get out at the end. There’s only one way to go. Start walking straight ahead until the corridor explodes. Give the electrical fields a second to die down, then cross through the area. Go along the bridge and into the next area.

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    Rollermines and Stalkers

    Move forward and then drop down over the ledge onto the platform. Go inside and let Alyx try to hack the door. That’s not working this time, so we’ll need to get a rollermine. Wait for Alyx to hack the door and crouch out onto the ledge. Move down the ledge and crawl past the dead stalker. Drop down onto the metal platform at the end. Jump over to the next ramp before this one gives way. Walk down and onto the glass platform. Wait for the elevator to come down, then move across it. Go ahead and charge up your suit now.Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - Friendly Rollermines Are The Key to Victory 

    You need to hit that red button and unleash the rollermines. The problem is that this unleashes all the rollermines. You need to push the button, grab one with your gravity gun, and then sprint backwards to the glass platform. They should roll off trying to follow you. Charge your suit again and then use the elevator to get back to Alyx. Let her switch the targeting system and then shoot it through the force field. It will kill both of the stalkers.

    Go through the now open room and out to the ledge. Walk along it to the end and turn to the left. It’s a little hard to see, but there’s a small gap that you can crouch under. Keep going up and around to the group of dead Combine. Use your gravity gun to punt away the consoles and garbage. As you cross, the field above will activate and fry everything. Don’t worry. It won’t catch you, even if you’re right under it.

    Move forward with Alyx to the next ledge. There’s a small ledge to the right of the platform that you can get to. Just hop over the rail. Follow it until you get to the special bridge. The Combine will get sucked off the bridge, so don’t worry. Edge out onto the bridge. You can get a few feet out. Wait for it to stop, then sprint across the bridge. You should have just enough time. Turn around and wait for Alyx to follow.

    Go forward a bit more. Drop down and wait for Alyx to get some more information. A Combine Advisor will come whipping up the elevator chute. Just wait out the psychic attack. It should be about 6 pulses. Follow Alyx into the next room. Keep moving forward until you get stuck in the confiscation field. It will super charge your gravity gun again.

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    A Little Bridge Maintenance

    Go out and approach the broken bridge. You need to grab one of those free floating energy cores and shoot it into the receptor below. This will power up the other pylon and activate the bridge. Cross it carefully though, since the Combine are waiting for you. There are about 9 Combine soldiers moving in on the end of the bridge. Just blast them or throw them into each other. Alyx will also help watch your back.Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - This Glass Is Somehow Able to Perfectly Reflect Energy Cores 

    Once the coast is clear, look over the edge. Both pylons are down. Grab 2 energy cores and shoot them into the receptors. Cross the bridge and get ready for another fight. You’ll face a few elites and a few soldiers. Again, there’s no trick to this. Just listen for gunfire and then blast them. Alyx will usually take care of the gunmen above you. There is usually a fairly steady attack, so don’t wait for the gunfire to end. Look over the edge and grab an energy core from the stream. Shoot it into the receptor on the right. The one of the left is blocked by shielded glass. Go down the left side and step out onto the platform. Grab an energy core from the stream on the other side. Then lean over the edge. You can fire the energy core between the glass and receptor. It should bounce in. You can then jump onto the bridge and go to the next area.

    Walk forward. Wait for the electrical field to die down, and then cross over. Blast the 2 soldiers charging at you. Then go out onto the glass. Alyx will probably kill the Combine soldier behind you. After that, just watch the Combine gunship crash in a spectacular form. Walk forward and along the platform. Shortly after the corner, you can go into the little side room. Alyx can zap the lock.

    Go forward and ignore the electrical field. You should be able to just walk right through the middle. Go forward to the next area. Pull the energy core out of the shielded stream and shoot it into the receptor past the elevator. This should start it up.

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    A Bad Elevator Ride

    The elevator should start up shortly afterwards. Some debris is falling down though. If any of the big pieces hit the elevator, you’ll crash. Look up and pull in the first console. Shoot it away. Another pod is falling. Grab it and launch it into the wall. Keep looking up. A whole platform should come crashing down soon. Grab it and shoot it away too. Stop the last 2 pieces from hitting in the same way. The elevator should come to a stop.Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - Objects May Be Larger Than They Appear 

    Look over at the receptor. Pull the console away from the wall to create an opening. Then pull an energy core out of the stream. Shoot it into the gap. It should bounce around and go into the receptor. Catch another falling walkway with your gravity gun. Then wait for it to stop again. Grab another energy core and shoot it into the receptor. Unfortunately, a stalker will approach and fry it. Grab another energy core and richochet it into the stalker. Aim low at the white part of the wall just to the right of the protective glass. Just keep trying if you miss. Once it’s dead, fire another one into the receptor.

    When you get to the platform, jump off quickly. A few big pillars will fall down and take it out permanently. Just walk forward with Alyx and approach the door with the Combine symbol. Wait for it to open and then go inside. Approach the next door to end the chapter.