Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 12: Our Benefactors - Reaching the Elevator

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 12: Our Benefactors - Reaching the Elevator
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I’ll depart from the usual format for chapters 12 and 13. They are short enough to cover in one article. These 2 chapters are basically just jumping puzzles wiith a little bit of combat.. There’s not much challenge to the fighting though, since you basically just cut through all the Combine with your new super charged gravity gun. Because of this, I won’t spend too much time on the combat.

Reaching the Citadel

Things are changing up a bit. Go to the end of the tunnel and look down. You should see a path along the left. Drop down and cautiously move along the ledge. About halfway down, you’ll have to jump to another slope. Gordon picks up speed fast on it though. Hug the wall and walk backwards to stop in time. Jump across the next gap and get to the end of the ledge. Go onto the pipe and jump onto the moving piston when it’s up. Then jump over to the Citadel itself.

Just move forward along the path through the Citadel support. Go through the metal and look for the next section with the weird supports forming a bit of a bridge. Go along the left and look for the large brown path that goes into the middle. Follow it through the supports. When it ends, jump to the right and go forward more. When you come to the end, cut across to the left and drop down to enter the Citadel itself. Move along the path and look for the odd carriages.

If you were paying attention, you should notice that the one in front takes you through the death beam. Let’s avoid that. Go around and get into the back carriage. Then just sit back and enjoy the ride.

You’ll finally end up in a containment area. All of your hard earned weapons will be disintegrated by the Combine beams. The gravity gun isn’t compatible though, so it gets charged up. Really charged up.

Test it out on the 3 Combine. You can just pull them in for an instant kill, or blast them at point blank range. It’s your call. Go ahead and use the energy charger. These are getting juice straight from the Citadel, so you’ll get 100 health and 200 shield. That’s nice.

Reaching the Elevator

Half-Life 2 - Combine Make Effective Shields

Grab a console or one of Breen’s screens and shoot it down the hallway to kill the 5 Combine charging forward. Round the corner and kill the next group of five. You’re close enough to just nail them with the primary fire if you want. Take out the next 5 and look for the only path forward. Go down the narrow hall and then drop down to the reactor. Knock the 2 Combine into the reactor thing and then walk down the hallway to the lift. Blast the 2 soldiers who might come out of the forcefield area, then jump on and ride it up.

Get out and turn to the left. Pull out the energy core to kill the forcefield and then launch it at the elite. Then kill the other Combine and move forward. Pull out the energy core ahead and rush forward. This is an area you need to rush through. There are at least 15 soldiers who will pour out of the right side path if you stick around for more than about 15 seconds. Just rush forward. Kill the 8 Combine here and jump up to the next level. Use the charger and hit the checkpoint.

Go forward to the elevator area. Blow away the 2 Combine guarding the area and cross the glass platforms. Hit the button to summon the elevator. Then dig in for a fight. There’s a charger across the way. There is a stream of energy cores for long range fighting. Combine will pour in from everywhere. Just hang back by the charger and keep blowing them away. The primary fire covers a quarter of the room. You can also pull enemies in once they cross to your side.

I’ve counted as many as 30 or so Combine here. There are also a few scanners and manhacks. Just hold them off and keep healing for as long as possible. Heal and then jump onto the elevator when it comes in. A forcefield fires up and starts moving you higher.


This is a difficult section to describe. You are safe from fire below you, but at risk for fire from the sides and above. There are a number of Combine lying wait on the way up. There’s no real trick to this. Just wait and watch for the gunfire. You’ll come to a stop briefly at a platform. Blow away the 5 Combine here to get it moving again. Just keep an eye out and ride it to the next set of 2 platforms. Kill the 2 Combine on each. Then hang on until you reach the top. Kill the last 3 Combine quickly. Aim for the elite first, since he likes to use a pulse rifle shot. That could be deadly after all the damage you’ve taken.

A Few More Shots

Half-Life 2 - Those Pods Really Are Effective as Weapons

Use the much needed charger to heal up. Then drop down to the next area. Grab a console or one of the pods as a shield. You’ll have to close the distance before you make it to the first group of Combine. The pods work really well, if you don’t mind the visibility loss. Shoot your shield at the first group to wipe out most of them on the bridge. Then keep moving toward the next group. It looks like they’ve got a strider waiting for you though.

Move forward and try to blast the 4 Combine on the ground. You don’t need the distraction for this fight. Take cover behind the line of pods. They make for decent cover, but the strider can still get a few shots through the gaps though. Pull one of the energy cores out of the stream and fire it at the strider. Leg shots count, but head shots are much better. It will go down after about 2 or 3 hits, but it can really dish out the damage. Be careful and don’t attack while it’s in the middle of firing. You need a few extra seconds to aim the energy cores properly, since you won’t be able to guide them like the rockets.

Once it blows up, go forward and into the next area. Listen to Breen’s last speech. Pull all 3 of the energy cores out to kill the forcefield. Drop down and heal. Then go forward and get into another carrier. Enjoy the view as you are lifted to the top of the Citadel. This officially ends the chapter.