Grand Theft Auto IV Hints and Tips

Grand Theft Auto IV Hints and Tips
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Grand Theft Auto IV Hints & Tips: Introduction

Grand Theft Auto IV is both similiar, yet different at the same time when compared to other GTA games. It’s similar because the game’s story deals with criminals and it’s an open world game. However, it’s different in the sense that the wackiness of previous titles has largely been removed, due to an emphasis on enhanced realism. GTA IV is also home to a number of different features that the previous games didn’t have.

Basically, if you’ve played the other games, you may be surprised by some of the game’s differences.

Grand Theft Auto IV Hints & Tips: Relationships

Previously, relationships with other characters were only explored in cutscenes and via dialog on missions. There was no other interaction with them. That’s no longer the case with GTA IV and fostering relationships with the different characters will bring in-game benefits that vary from character to character.

So, in order to foster relationships, what do you need to do?

This leads us to another new feature: activities and dates. Women can be dated and male friends can be taken to clubs and to local hangouts to play games. Even cabaret shows can be visited.

It’s not as simple as simply ringing someone up to go out with them though and then choosing where to go. Each character has activities they like doing and you need to make sure you don’t ignore their phonecalls and requests to hang out.

Eventually, your relationship rating with a character will improve so much that an in-game reward will become available. This reward could be something like calling a character and having them meet you. When they meet you, they pop the trunk of their car and sell you weapons.

Grand Theft Auto IV Hints & Tips: Escaping Police

Grand Theft Auto IV Hints and Tips: The radar when the police are chasing you.

The previous games saw you trying to evade the law throughout their length. It’s no different here with Grand Theft Auto IV. However, the way that the wanted system and police themselves work has changed. In this game, you’ll have to make sure you commit crimes away from policemen and hope that citizens in the city don’t have a way of contacting the police or just choose not to.

This leads us to the times when you are wanted. When you’re wanted, look at the radar/mini-map. A circle that flashes blue and red will be present. As your wanted level rises, the circle’s radius will get bigger and bigger. Police cars can be seen on the radar as well and the circle represents the area they’re searching for you in. The goal is to get out of the circle in order to lose them and stay out of it for a few seconds. However, each time a cop spots you, the circle radius will be reset itself on your current position. It’s a nice system that can lead to great chases.

Also, if the cops are looking for your car in specific, you can lose them by ditching your current one and taking another as long as you’re not spotted entering it by them.

Grand Theft Auto IV Hints & Tips: Using the Internet

Dotted around Liberty City are internet cafes. The internet is another new feature, complete with websites to browse (though they’re often spoof websites). By using the internet though, it’s possible to meet characters you wouldn’t normally meet. This is done via the dating website and if you do get to know these characters, they can unlock additional gameplay benefits.

So, it’s recommended to dive into this aspect of the game, though it’s not essential.

You can also check your emails and reply to them at the internet cafe. It’s handy for conversing with characters and perhaps learning a bit more background about them. It can be also be used to check the latest news.

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