Secrets and Easter Eggs in Gran Turismo 4

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Gran Turismo Reputation

The Gran Turismo series is one of the most respected technical racing franchises in gaming history. With Gran Turismo you often avoid many of the other trappings of racing games by relying on realism and technical performance, which makes it target a very specific demographic and add depth in terms of tracks, licenses, and car types. Though Gran Turismo is not known for its use of cheat codes it does provide a few secrets and Easter Eggs for committed players. Here is a guide to the most popular secrets and Easter Eggs for Gran Turismo 4 for the Playstation 3.

License Guide

Gran Turismo 4, just like the rest of the Gran Turismo series, is based on licenses. You are required to pass certain driving tests to be awarded licenses. These licenses are then required to continue on to more advanced stages in the game. Both the B and A licenses are uniquely difficult. If you want a leg up on these Gran Turismo 4 licenses you can use a secret Easter Egg. Start by hitting R3 during the beginning countdown. This will give you Red and Blue License Test Guides, which are for brakes and acceleration respectively. These will essentially show up as the clearest way to go forward and at what points to hit the brakes.

Secret Black Cars

There are a few secret cars that you can buy in Gran Turismo 4, all of which come in a sleek black paint job. The Mazda 787B, Nissan R92CP Race Car, Nissan R390 Race Car, and Toyota GT One Race Car will all have black versions in the used car lots. The only way to get these black version is to go on days in between 695 and 700.


When you are watching replays in Gran Turismo 4 there is a secret to making them speed up a little bit. When watching them you can hit L3 and it will make them appear faster. You can also set the music to off by hitting O on the controller.

Staying in Gear

Staying in the same gear is difficult when you have the automatic transmission. The secret to remaining in the same gear when you are in automatic transmission is to hold the R2 button down.

Secret Message

One of the most interesting secret Easter Eggs in Gran Turismo 4 involves a secret message on the Nike One. If you look at the Nike One in photo mode you will see a message in morse code on the side. This secret morse code message is backwards, and when you reverse it you can read it out. The secret message comes out to be “,’ which is the website of the company that designed the car.