Global Agenda Recon Guide: What Should I Be Doing?

Global Agenda Recon Guide: What Should I Be Doing?
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Hit and Run

The Recon is one of the most popular classes in Global Agenda. In fact, some say it is too popular. The Recon’s ability to stealth and kill from long ranges makes it easy class to obtain kills with even for less skilled players. Unfortunately, winning a match in Global Agenda isn’t just about getting kills. It also requires a focus on teamwork. The Recon is a great team player, but it isn’t immediately obvious how play the Recon in way which supports your team. This guide will help new Recons get the hang of things. Keep these tips in mind and you just might avoid getting yelled at by your teammates in your next match.

What Should I Be Doing?

The question of purpose is obvious for both the Assault and Medic, and fairly obvious for the Robotic. Assaults take points, Medics keep people (mainly Assaults) alive, and Robotics support the capture or defense of points by building structures. But what does a Recon do?

As a Recon, you are an infiltrator. Yes, you can do quite well for your kill/death ratio by sitting on a crate and plucking away with a sniper rifle. But anyone can do that.

The one thing you can do which others can’t however, is move behind enemy lines nearly undetected. Effective Recons do this, and they do it a lot. All of the efforts of the enemy team will naturally be focused on taking or defending whatever objective is currently up for grabs, and if you can get behind enemy lines you can do a lot of damage.

Besides killing opponents, the Recon’s job while behind enemy lines it to demolish the enemy’s ability to sustain a fight. First, and most importantly, this means destroying the enemy’s respawn beacon. If you don’t know where it is, FIND IT. Taking out the enemy respawn beacon is your job, and it can literally make or break a match. Ever wonder why the hoard of attacking enemies doesn’t seem to stop? It is because the enemy has a respawn beacon at your front door and your Recons haven’t taken it out.

When not destroying the enemy respawn beacon, you should be either destroying medical stations and turrets or killing enemy Medics. Both of these will have a major impact on the ability of the enemy team to sustain an attack.

Learn 2 Snipe

Global Agenda Recon Guide

The sniper rifle the primary tool of the Recon’s trade. It can do a huge amount of damage and, just as importantly, do it at a long range.

The range part is critical when you’re doing your job. Taking out enemy respawn beacons is very important, but respawn beacons are tough and a smart enemy team will try to defend it in some way. This makes it hard to just waltz up and smack it with your Ghost Sword. Sniping the beacon from afar whenever possible is a much better plan. In some cases the enemy won’t even know you’re attacking it until it has been destroyed. Range is also important when taking our enemy strongholds of turrets and med stations because turrets have limited range. A Recon can snipe a turret from far away without any fear of reprisal from the enemy robotic.

If there are no respawn beacons or structures to destroy, then its time to start capping enemy players. Having the ability to snipe well on a technical level is crucial here, but it is also crucial to pick your targets well. I’ve already stressed that you should kill Medics, but I’ll stress it again. Medics must die. They can heal damage as quickly as you can dish it out. An enemy Assault with a Medic is as good as invulnerable to your attacks.

After Medics, the next natural target is those damn Robos. You’ve already killed their stuff, but they’ll be back to make more. They’re also relatively squishy targets, so taking them down is easy unless they put up a dome shield. If there are no other available targets, then start working on the Assaults, who can be hard to take down but are relatively defenseless at long range. Enemy Recons should generally be your last target. They’ll probably just stealth and run away if you shoot them.

Stay Mobile

The Recon is a speedy class. The stealth power not only allows the Recon to be invisible, but also gives the Recon the handy ability to sprint around at super-fast speeds. Given that the Recon is all about infiltration, this mobility is important.

It is easy, however, to forget about it. Many Recons find a favorite sniping spot on a map an stick to it. They know the lanes of fire, know where enemy Recons might be perched, and become overly comfortable.

Don’t be one of these Recons. The Recon’s job, as I’ve already said, is to get behind enemy lines and destroy things they need to sustain their attack. This can’t be done by sticking to one spot. Sure, perhaps there is a certain area where enemies often set up a respawn beacon. But you can bet that after you destroy it once or twice they’ll get wise to your act and move it somewhere else, leaving you high and dry with nothing to do but pick your nose.

When you’re a Recon, persistence often doesn’t pay off. If you’re sniping from a certain spot, trying to take out a group of enemy structures, and you’re suddenly hit - stealth and get the hell out of there. Maybe the enemy will forget about you, but if you’re playing well and constantly blowing up their stuff the enemy team will be more than a little angry. Robos can get really steamed after you destroy their med station for the fifth time, and they WILL come to your perch and start firing in random directions just to try and find you.

Which is why you want to have moved. They’ll be looking for you, which means they can’t heal their structures while you’re picking them apart from your new location.

Wrapping Things Up

So, here are the basics of the Recon.

  1. Destroy the enemy respawn beacon and then enemy structures

  2. Kill Medics, then Robos, then Assaults.

  3. Stay mobile

Is this all there is to the Recon? Of course not. But this is enough to make you competitive. If you follow these basic concepts you’ll be able to make a significant contribution to your team. Just don’t expect the other classes to give you any credit.

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