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Gears of War Walkthrough, Part 2, Act 2: Nightfall, Chapters 3 and 4

by: Barghest ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The walkthrough for Gears of War continues to help you with strategies to defeat the toughest enemies and get all the coveted COG Tags.

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    Nightfall: Outpost

    Walk forward while listening to the dialogue, until you reach a door on the left side. Kick it open and proceed in. A quick run through the house and this extremely short chapter is complete.

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    Nightfall: Lethal Dusk

    Kick the door open and walk out. Immediately take cover as there will be a sniper in the opposite house, as well as some Drones. After the fight, be sure to pick up the Longshot sniper rifle from the defeated opponent. Proceed tho the stairs, take cover, shoot the enemies down there and get down on the platform. Defeat all the Drones on the other side, then use the cartwheel to move the platform across the river. As soon as you see any enemies, stop and carefully eliminate them, then proceed further. NOTE: If you are playing in the Co-op mode, one player can move the platform and the second player shoot.

    When you have crossed the river, get up the stairs. Here starts a new problem: the Kryll. If you've seen the movie "Pitch Black", this type of enemy will be familiar to you - while you stay in the light, nothing happens, as soon as you step in the darkness, you will be eaten alive in seconds. Continue moving through the light until you reach the Stranded outpost. Take the ammo from the tents.

    Enter the house and move through. When you are on the street again, shoot the gas tank on the other side, it will start burning and become a light source. Take cover behind the car wreck and fight the Drones. There will be an emergence Sixteenth COG Tag hole further along the street.

    After the fight, continue your way forward while shooting all the gas tanks. The sixteenth COG Tag is near the tank to your left. Far to the right there will be a Troika position, so you should use your Longshot for maximum efficiency. At the end of the street, get into the house and proceed through it. You can also jump out of the window to get some grenades and ammo near the Troika position.

    There will be a Wretch in the house. When you walk out through the door, you will have two options: you can either take a route around the clearing, shoot the Wretches along your way and get to the other side, or take up a defensive position and use the Longshot to take out the enemies on the other side, while defending from the Wretches. Those tasks can be done simultaneously if you are playing Co-op. One player takes the role of the sniper while the other goes around like a shock trooper. Note that there will be an emergence hole on the other side, so there will be quite a few enemies.

    Whichever option you choose, finish the battle, get to the other side and enter the house. When you are on the street again, take cover behind the burning car and push it towards the enemy position. There is a Troika position on the opposite side.

    When you reach the end of the street, enter the house. There is some ammo near the Troika, as well as in the corridor. When you reach a hole in the wall, shoot the gas tank down there. Get down and run to the now lit-up sidewalk, then into the next house. Reach the door, kick it out and take cover against some Drones on the street. Shoot the fuel tank to your left and enter the garden, also to the left. Fight your way through the drones, while shooting the gas tanks hidden behind the cupboards. When you reach the other sideSeventeenth COG Tag , go down the street.

    Enter the house and go upstairs. Pick up the ammo and use the projector to light up the path for Dominic. Note: if you play the Co-op mode, the player controlling Dominic will have to use the light from projector to move through the darkness. There is also the seventeenth COG Tag near a car wreck on the opposite side of the entrance to the house with the projector. Help Dom get to the other side and turn the street lights on, then use the projector to light it up, get down while shooting wretches and take it.

    Go to the other side where Dom is, pick up some ammo and continue moving through the streets. When the emergence hole appears, close it, shoot the Drones, go through the house, shoot the gas tank and jump out through the window. Proceed down the street, shoot another gas tank hidden under a metal plate, get to the end of the street and turn left. Chapter complete.