How To Become A Video Games Tester – Get A Job As a Video Games Tester With These Tips To Help You Find That Dream Job

The Last Few Steps

Now that we have gone through steps one through five, these last five steps will put the rest of the process in order for you so that you can start on your way to getting paid to play!

6.Be ready for an interview – Practice what answers you will give to questions about your resume, job history, salary requirements, and the dreaded “Why should we hire you?” question. By making sure that you are prepared for these questions when they are thrown at you, you will sound like a confident person, instead of someone who is just trying to get some job in the gaming industry. You want to make sure that you give answers that are solid, without sounding too overconfident.

7.Make time for the interview – You want to make sure that you are open for an interview within the 1-3 weeks after you send in a resume to a gaming company. This means, don’t take a vacation or have another issue that might keep you from attending an interview. If they call you and you cannot find time to go in for an interview, then the gaming company will see that as you don’t have the time to work for them either.

8.Get there early – While we covered this in the guide as well, this is a vital part of getting your first game tester position. Now, you don’t want to arrive so early that you look creepy sitting in the lobby, but you do want to get there about 5-10 minutes early to show that you are excited and ready to go. So, the night before your interview, get prepared. You want to make sure that you print out exact directions to the company or the building where you have your interview, you know where to park, have money for any parking spaces, and other issues that may arise while you are headed to your interview. Know if there are any construction areas on your route and plan other routes if needed so that you are sure to be there on time.

9.Get everything ready the night before – This means that you should have your clothes set out and ready the night before so that you aren’t worried about finding a specific suit or set of clothes to wear. You also want to make sure that you dress the part, so if you are applying for a management position for one of the testing teams, it is best to wear a suit or dress, and for a game tester, you don’t necessarily have to wear a suit, but a nice pair of slacks and nice, pressed dress shirt or dress will work the best. Don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt or ripped up clothing, no matter how laid back the company is. Dress for success and make sure that you are ready to go and look your best.

10.Smile – This is the most important thing that you can do in an interview. You want to make eye contact with the person that you are interviewing and smile at them. Not a fake, pushed out smile but a real one that shows you are interested in the job and the company and not just trying to find a job to make money. You want to be a real person to them, and not just another number, so when you are personable to the interviewer, it will be much easier for them to see you as a person and to offer you the job.

Keep these 10 steps in mind and use them to your advantage for every game testing position that you apply for – or any job for that matter! Make sure that you follow them, as well as the other steps in the guide and it won’t be long before you are landing a great game tester position that will have you in gamer heaven.

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