Top 5 WiiWare Games Your Money Can Buy

Top 5 WiiWare Games Your Money Can Buy
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Top 5 WiiWare Games

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Nintendo’s WiiWare service has grown considerably since its introduction. There are good games on there, and there are of course, the bad games too. Luckily, this article takes a look at the cream of the crop. What WiiWare games really deserve your hard-earned money?

World of Goo

An obvious choice perhaps, but World of Goo is a fantastic WiiWare title. Released on the PC first by 2D Boy, World of Goo lets players manipulate goo balls to build towers and bridges among other things, the goal being to reach the pipe which sucks them up to the next level. Sounds simple? Levels soon become fiendishly difficult as you progress, it’s no wonder then that there’s an option to skip them and move on to the next in the various worlds. However, the game is never unfair, you’ll know that it’s you who went wrong, not the game. The Gameplay and well-balanced difficulty are not the only things that shine though; the art style is simply stunning. Let’s not forget the amazing soundtrack, and tones of replay value for the OCD achievements as well. It’s hard to believe the game was produced by two people. Essential.

Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias

A captivating quest lies ahead for little Toku and wind-spirit Enril, in this miniature masterpiece. Lostwinds Winter of the Melodias is the sequel to the first Lostwinds, which was one of the first must-have games on the WiiWare platform. However, Melodias beats its older brother for several factors. The game is significantly longer for a start, the first could be completed in a day. Melodias is at least twice as long, with new features such as the ability to change summer to winter freshening up the experience. Improved graphics also feature in the sequel which rivals many full Wii games. A great achievement. The puzzles are also bigger and better than ever, demanding the player to really think how to use the world they are thrown into around them. All this for £7? Buy it if you haven’t already.

Cold yet beautiful.

Swords & Soldiers

Swords & Soldiers for WiiWare is a side-scrolling strategy game, something not seen much in the modern age of gaming. The very small team that is Ronimo Games, have successfully conceived a game which not only works, given its interesting genre, but also provides a heap of fun for a measly 1000 Wii points. The single-player campaign is big and challenging enough to keep you busy for a good couple of hours, not to mention snatching up all the achievements, some of which are nigh-on impossible. Then there’s a fun spiltscreen multiplayer mode to keep you entertained once you’ve done that, it can get very competitive. Swords & Soldiers is great value for money, and definitely one of the best WiiWare games available.

Strategy mayhem ensues

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

Fair enough, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is a DS game, not to mention one of the best to date. Therefore, is including it on this list a cheat? Not really, with the whole Phoenix Wright series being released on the WiiWare service, there is undoubtedly people out there who have never played them before that will it experience them for the first time on the service. The story writing found in the Phoenix Wright games are among some of the best in gaming, and the third and final one to star Phoenix, Trials and Tribulations is no exception, as it’s generally hailed as the best in the series. The artwork is great, and the music exceptional. It’s like playing a story which revolves heavily around court, Phoenix being an attorney at law. Throw in some brilliant and memorable characters and you have one great WiiWare game, it’s just a shame Capcom didn’t enhance the visuals for the big screen.

Miles is a worthy rival

Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth

Based on Castlevania: The Adventure for the Game Boy, ReBirth is WiiWare remake which adds updated visuals, a remastered soundtrack and more. It’s a 2D sidescroller set in the world of Castlevania which consists of 6 stages. Granted, it won’t take long to complete and you’ll have to do it in one go, due to the throwback of there being no save feature, however a handy level select partially remedies this. It’s also pretty hard even on the normal setting, Castlevania fans won’t be surprised here. If you’ve played the other games then this is of course a no-brainer, but for casual players, who want some adventuring fun, look no further. Overall ReBirth is a refined little package, and one which is absolutely worth the asking price.

Classic whip-slashing action.

Bang For You Buck

All 5 games are absolutely essential purchases for the WiiWare service. Of course there are plenty more great games, so once you’re done with these, check out the Wii Shop Channel. As the platform continues to grow who knows what else will be in store.

We all want Bang for our bucks.