Save Some Green: Top 10 Cheap Wii Games

Save Some Green: Top 10 Cheap Wii Games
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Tough Times - Top 10 Cheap Wii Games

In rough economic times like this, its always wise to get the maximize value for dollar. Your entertainment budget should be no exception yo this rule. One of the most consistent complaints about the fairly inexpensive Nintendo Wii is that most of its games are of poor graphical quality with broken game play. There is a whole sub genre of games on the Wii renowned for the craptasticness. Though these shovelware titles are annoyingly prevalent, if you look carefully enough, you will find a legitimate diamond in the rough, even as low as $19.99 (plus taxes where applicable, of course.) These are some great Cheap Wii Games.

Bull’s Eye - Mad Dog Style

Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack is actually three games in one (how economically savvy can you get?) I did a whole review on this game several months ago, it is a reissue of cheesy arcade westerns released by American Laser Games back in the 90s. Despite the corny acting, the game itself is a decent rail shooter.

Old school fans and new comers alike will find an odd charm in these games, and for 19.99, its an ideal deal, especially if you have a NYKO Perfect Shot. It doesn’t actually help of course, but it will certainly you certainly look cool.

May the Fiscal Force Be With You

The Ultimate Replayable Game

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is another $20 game worth a look. The game offers an amusing twist to the normal Star Wars games and is a must have for Star Wars fanatics and younger audiences alike. One of the aspects of the game that makes it even more economically feasible is its immense replay value.

Lego Star Wars, through its various secondary missions and mini bonus games, will have you spending a great deal of time with the game, which is itself extraordinarily addicting. Have fun collecting all those mini-kits. May the force be with you, young padawan.

Games Ideal for Killing Zombies on a Budget

Nothing Better than Bustin' Caps in Zombies

As zombie-killing has become a celebrated pastime of gaming, there are several zombie rail shooters available on the Nintendo Wii. Two of the better ones are from the infamous House of the Dead series: House of the Dead 2 & 3 the Return and House of the Dead: Overkill.

One is a faithful port of two classic arcade titles, while the other is an original adventure exclusive to the Nintendo Wii. The best part is the games aren’t $19.99, not even $17.99, but each goes for one, small installment of $14.99 in most places. What a deal!

Survival Horror on the Cheap

One of the Best Games on the Wii

There are a variety of Resident Evil titles available on the Wii, including some decent rail shooters and useless reissues. However, the title I will focus on is Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The game made quite an impressive transition to the Wii and is one of my favorite games for the console.

Due to the game already being well-established on the Playstation 2, it was never terribly expensive and can easily be found new for $19.99.

Carnival Games - An Unheralded Title

Gotta Love Wii Skiball

The aptly-named Carnival Games, a collection of amusing mini games with the obvious carny theme, is one of the most underrated titles for the Wii, so much so I initially mistook it for shovelware.

The game has decent controls, fun visuals and is a definite game to have for multiplayer purposes. The game was successful enough to great a sequel of sorts focusing on mini-golf, but stick the original. This game is also available for $19.99 in most places, but you’re likely to find it used or cheaper online.

Sega’s Conduit is a Cost-Effective FPS

Shoot to Kill

Though there are several rail shooters on the Wii, there aren’t too many quality first person shooters. This a void the Conduit fills quite admirably. While SEGA’s title doesn’t do much to add to or revolutionize the genre, it is a fun romp with impressive visuals with an engaging, but not groundbreaking plot.

Outside of Metroid, you really can’t do any better in the FPS genre on the Wii than this game. All this makes its $19.99 price tag seem like quite a bargain.

Wario is all about the Coins

Shake Things up a bit

There are some decent platforming titles also available for a decent price. The one that most readily comes to mind is Wario Land: Shake It.

While the game isn’t all that challenging, it makes up for that with decent replay value. The game is also easy on the eyes and features superb visuals. The one thing I was somewhat annoyed by was the inconsistent controls. Like nearly all the games on this list, you can nab this for $19.99.

Rune Factory: The Final Frontier of Smart Purchases

This Game will Dominate Your Life

Rune Factory: Frontier is one of the better RPGs available on the Nintendo Wii. It is widely-regarded for its addictive properties and though revitalizing a town during tough times through farming/harvesting, its oddly appropriate in this recession-inspired story.

It is also a good buy given the amount of hours you’ll dedicate to the game, it will easily pay for itself in terms of the time it will take to max everything out. The lack of an online component is the only thing that hinders the experience. Given it was released last March, it’s now available for a measly $19.99.

Scoring a Good Deal

Swing For the Fences

This list has covered a variety of game times (mostly shooters) so I feel obligated to include a sports title. Despite the length of time the Wii has been in production, its pack-in title , Wii Sports, is still the best there is. There are some other decent titles out there, but only I especially enjoyed was MLB the Bigs 2.

It is a not-so-subtle mix of sports simulation and over the top arcade elements. Its visuals are decent, too, by Wii standards. Best part is, its available in most places for only $14.99. Though I have hinted at this elsewhere, when it comes to sports on the Wii (especially multi-sport titles) beware of the shovelware, it may look like a good deal, but nothing’s more of a waste of money than a $20 coaster.