Best Free Online Space RPG Games and Free 3D Space Exploration PC Games

Best Free Online Space RPG Games and Free 3D Space Exploration PC Games
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There is a current wealth of free space games currently being touted across the internet. Not only have recent indie titles delved into the idea of 3D space exploration or space simulation, but a number of sites have sprung up providing some great ways to play and enjoy the best free space games on PC.

In this series of articles, we will be looking at some of those sites and analysing what they offer in comparison to other free online space games. Also, we will try to detail some of the bigger independent releases and even stretch to some Xbox LIVE Indie titles also, just to give some brevity to the laundry list of free space games on any platform.

After traversing the world wide web looking for some sites that offer a wide range of different space themed games for free we are going to be looking at whats in store for players of an RPG oriented disposition. As ever, don’t take this article as a be all and end all list of places to find free online space RPG games, google can certainly distract you into finding more of these space game gems.

Space Trek: The New Empire

I’ve already discussed the nuances of this Star Trek influenced micro-management haven. Space Trek is a great free to play online space RPG game, in the MMO style, that I would recommend to any avid strategy or even Star Trek fan. With a pastiche of community driven roleplaying and tight micro-management gameplay, Space Trek is a great free space RPG game.

Although there are some fringe benefits for people willing to “donate”, the game doesn’t prod you into feeling the need to pay for more options, unlike other browser based MMO games. For more information regarding Space Trek, be sure to check out last months review.

Star Knights

Space Knights

This downloadable MMORPG space game is a somewhat heightened version of Space Trek. Taking a cue from the aforementioned title, Star Knights allows you to explore, trade, chat and colonise the galaxy.

Although the individual servers only allow 32 players inside one game space, its still a good backup or even challenger to Space Trek’s intuitive and browser based fun. If you’re going for a downloadable client based space RPG game, then Star Knights certainly fits the bill.

Epoch Star - Free Space RPG Game

Epoch Star

This game may be slightly outdated, but it still provides a great sense of discovery and exploration, making it one of the better online space exploration games available for free.

Building your own custom ship and discovery new species is the modus operandi of Epoch Star. While this may not be to everyones tastes, the web site for the game also lists 3 other separate space oriented free-to-play ventures also. The quality is certainly on display and you’d be hard pressed to find a better looking space RPG game even several years after its initial release.

Pardus - MMO Space Exploration Game


Pardus is an excellent long running browser based MMO space game. With a huge persistent galaxy to explore, furnishing itself with a great number of players, the game takes other MMORPG space games to another level entirely. With its constant support and updates, ability to pirate, trade, win military distinctions and a lot more, Pardus really is the definitive free space RPG game experience.

Hopefully this selection of free-to-play RPG space games gives you enough meat to chew on and digest. With countless hours to be spent navigating the various menus, sub-menus and screens these games have to offer, you may want to take pause before venturing into the final part of this series of articles.

In the third installment, we’ll be looking into some individual indie games that concentrate on space exploration and going into the final frontier with a cool head and some distinct narrative ticks. Continue on for more heart pounding gesticulation on free space games for the PC.

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