Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Training Center

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Training Center
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Way to Ruin the Party….

After the epic dance scene Squall is just enjoying his party (in that way that anti-social people enjoy big social events - by hanging out far, far away from it). Quistis decides that it’s a good idea to make him go to the Training Center in the middle of the night and fight…. things. As if there hasn’t been enough battles today already. The fact is that Quistis has the hots for Squall and thinks that by taking him to the lover’s lane of FF8 that she has a chance to crack through the hardened exterior. Yeah right.

Regardless of her intentions, this is a great opportunity for you, the player, to fight some new monsters and pick up several new spells.

When the screen fades to black, you’ll be back in your dorm room. Go to the bed and “Get Changed”, then leave the room. Take a second to save your game.

Training Center

Head out of the dorms back towards the atrium. When you reach the circular path, go right. The Training Center is marked by green - head on in. You’ll meet up with Quistis in the hall, who gives you yet another junctioning lesson - this time on status effect changes. She wraps it all up by telling you to junction Sleep to your attack - but you don’t have Sleep yet.

Take the time to junction Quistis with GFs and Magic, then head into the training center.

Once inside, take the path right. At the water, take the rock bridge across. You’ll likely encounter the Grat monster at this point. Grats are big flailing plant monsters that are weak vs. Water and Ice, and primarily use a Sleep attack. Sleep is broken by damage, can be removed by Esuna, or will wear off over time. Grats will sometimes also use a powerful poison attack which needs to be removed with Esuna.

Take the time to Draw 100 each of Silence and Sleep from the Grat. Once you’ve done that, attempt to Card it. If successful, the Grat card can come in very handy.

After you’ve finished with the Grat, make sure to junction Sleep to Squall’s status attack. There is a Blizzard draw point on the left side of the screen. Right around this time the T-Rexaur is going to make his appearance.


FF8 Walkthrough - T-Rexaur

The T-Rexaur is the first boss battle you’ll encounter in the training area. He deals very high damage, so make sure Squall and Quistis are topped off on health. It is dangerous to let either sit below around 200 health, as some of T-Rex’s attacks can deal that much in one hit. T-Rex is weak vs. Ice magic, so use Blizzard and Shiva to deal the most damage with Quistis. Squall’s normal attack should deal rather high amounts of damage at this point, and if you stocked and junctioned 100 Sleeps then there is a very high chance that T-Rex-will be put to Sleep with Squall’s normal attacks.

T-Rexaur doesn’t having anything new to draw - just Fire and Thunder - so all you really have to worry about is widdling away at his 13,000 health and staying alive. While time consuming, the fight really isn’t difficult.

After defeating T-Rexaur, keep heading left til you reach the save point. Save, then head north through the door.

The Women in Squall’s Life

In the “secret area” Quistis gets all emo and tries to tell Squall about her feelings, getting fired as an instructor, etc. but he doesn’t want to hear it (and honestly, neither do we). After the dialog head back out of the secret area, then keep heading left around the circle. When you get to the fallen tree you’ll hear someone crying for help. Head over there to find the woman from the Infirmary under attack by some flying beast. Here’s yet another boss fight!

These monsters don’t have much in the way of HP or damage, but they do have some fantastic magic that you’re going to want to stock up on. From the big flying guy, Granaldo, stock 100 each of Blind and Shell. From the smaller ones, Raldos, stock 100 Protect. Shell absorbs damage from magic attacks and Protect absorbs damage from physical attacks. After you’ve drawn all you want, kill all of the monsters. They have no weaknesses, but their health is not very high - 1,500 for Granaldo and 300 each for Raldos.

This woman, again, seems to recognize Squall and Quistis, but they don’t know who she is. Yet more intrigue and storyline that will be revealed later in the game.

Leave the Training Center and head back towards the dorms. Along the way you’ll run into Zell, who informs you that you now have a sweet new room. Inside, Squall goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he’s informed of his first SeeD mission to timber. At this time, go over to the desk and pick up Weapons Monthly April, then save your game.

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