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FFVII: Crisis Core Mission Guide

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core aside from offering a solid gameplay with a great storyline also offers some cool side quests and mini-games. One of these mini-games is the Mission part where your character Zack is tasked to complete various tasks which are basically battling sets of monsters and enemies. Every time you complete a mission, you’ll receive certain cool items. Aside from this, along the way, you’ll get to open treasure chests which contain rare items which you can’t otherwise get during the main game. One of this items, and believe you should take note of this, is the Phoenix Down. You can’t buy this very important item anywhere in the game’s various shops. However, you can find them in two or three chests during the mission. Anyway, on to our Final Fantasy 7 guide.

Mission Levels

The first mission of our Final Fantasy 7 guide is to point out that you can play the Missions anytime during the game. It doesn’t require anything from your characters. You can access it through the character menu (hit the triangle button). But not all Mission levels are available at once. You need to progress through the Mission levels to get into the other more harder missions. There are a total of 300 Missions and their difficulty levels vary from very easy, normal, very hard etc. The Missions are divided into ten categories namely; Mission 1: Shinra Electric Company, Mission 2: Monster Research Project, Mission 3: Genesis' Force, Mission 4: To End the War with Wutai, Mission 5: Hojo’s Laboratory, Mission 6: Seeking Precious Items, Mission 7: Seeking Priceless Items, Mission 8: Zack, the Materia Hunter, Mission 9: Great Caves of Wonders, Mission 10: Mysteries of the World. Notice that each of the Mission Levels are somewhat related to the progress of your game? So are the monsters that you have to battle during those Missions. As a basic tip, make sure to do the Mission as you progress through your game. In that case, your character have already leveled up relative to the levels of the monsters in the Mission games. Iif you think you can handle the challenge, I wouldn’t prevent you from finishing the Missions as early as you can during your game.

General Mission Guidelines

Each of the Missions take place in a particular location featured in the game. Don’t worry about getting lost as you proceed toward the end of the location where the particular boss that you need to battle awaits you. Along the way, you’d get random encounters though which could max out your character’s HP. If you want to avoid these random encounters, words on the streets say you can do so by hugging the walls. Don’t worry about getting lost though, because areas that you’re not supposed to enter during the Mission are marked with pink dotted lines. If you stepped into those dotted lines, the Mission will end and you will need to retrace yourself back. Like we said check the area for treasure chests. These might contain precious and rare items. Make sure that you’re character is well healed and properly equipped. Some of the battles in these Missions are difficult and some random encounters feature powerful monsters which could send you restarting the game. The last tip in our Final Fantasy 7 guide, save before and after Missions. This way, you can always go back to where you left off if you get killed.

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Final Fantasy : Crisis Core is a highly anticipated prequel to the highly successful Final Fantasy VII game that first appeared in the original Playstation. Since FFVII, fans have been clamoring for more FFVII games. Crisis Core is what every FFVII fans have long waited for and it’s all worth it.

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