Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Boss Guide

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Sephiroth Turns Bad

All through out the game, Sephiroth has been on your side being a SOLDIER, but wait, that’s not the Sephiroth we once knew in the original FFVII. So, it’s now time for Sephiroth to turn the bad-ass enemy we all knew. And prepare yourself for the start of this game’s succeeding tough battles with level bosses before the final boss. Sephiroth as a starter is not a walk-in-the-park battle for Zack. You need to beat him in two rounds. First, a Level 36 Sephiroth with around 52,000+ HP. This is one of the coolest boss battles in the game, yet just as tough. Do the usual protective measures on Zack - Barrier, MBarrier and to be sure, if you happen to have plenty of Phoenix Down, cast it at once or save it for later. If you have a good amount of HP for Zack, Sephiroth’s attacks can leave you still with some HP. Except for one deadly attack which you should watch out for, the Heartless Angel. This attack can render your character with 1HP. But if you managed to heal at once then resume hacking on him, you’re in for a win, for now. I’ve got two restarts because of this boss fight.

Sephiroth Again

After a tough time against Sephiroth, time to face him up again. This time, the battle has a twist. You and Sephiroth are now transferred onto a platform. Your objective aside from attacking Sephiroth is to make sure that he doesn’t push you off the edge of the platform. Otherwise it’s Game Over. So, the moment the battle mode is activated, start protecting Zack with Barrier then start attacking him with Zack’s powerful attacks. If you’re lucky enough to pull off some DMW attacks, it’s going to be bye-bye time for Sephiroth.

Genesis Eliminator

After Sephiroth, it’s time to face the game’s real bad guy - Genesis. This boss fight is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. After all we deserve a break after those two tough battles against Sephiroth, right? Just do your regular attacks with some protective measures such as Barrier and M Barrier and you’re on your way to the next level.


This guy may not look as fearsome as Sephiroth and Genesis but he can certainly pull off some powerful blows on Zack, enough to send you restarting the game if you don’t take him seriously. Again, start the battle with the usual Barrier and Magic Barrier. Hollander has something stored in his bag which can give your character a serious blow. And whether you believe it or not, it’s a missile which he can throw easily at you and gives some massive damages. Aside from this, Hollander also pulls out some worms which can cast various annoying spells on you. Although those won’t really give you too much damage, you’d still lose a turn by healing Zack so you might as well finish them off as quickly as possible. In addition, Hollander will keep on healing himself during the battle, so make sure to attack him as often as you could. If you’ve got Zack’s Goblin Punch that would put him off quickly. If you don’t have it use other special attacks and the battle will be over soon.

G Regicide

This is a prelude to what kind of enemies you will be facing in the last two final boss fights. With a level 40 boss at almost 100,000HP, this boss fight will be the start of your agony. Make sure to use some Thunder-protective equipment on Zack. Why? You’d need this to prevent the boss from inflicting you with massive damage using his Tri-Thundaga attack. Cast Barrier and Magic Barrier as well. Cast Cura whenever the need arises then attack him with Zack’s Vital Slash. With patience, proper timing and some DMW luck, you can beat this boss fairly well.

Genesis Avatar

At Level 53 with 290,000 HP you would certainly need to come prepared for this battle. It’s the last boss before the game’s final boss so don’t even think of taking this battle unprepared. The Genesis Avatar is a transformed Genesis in armor wielding a giant sword. Your objective here to beat this boss is to attack its giant sword when he sticks it on the ground. Actually, that’s the only time when you can damage this boss using your usual hacking attacks. Use Zack’s most powerful attack as much as possible and pray that your powerful DMW characters would be triggered quickly. If you think that’s easy, think again. Because whenever the boss stick his sword on the ground, he will summon some dark enemies which will gang up on you and reduce your HP to zero if you don’t dodge their attacks as quickly as possible. Kill them off as soon as you can and then continue hacking on the sword. Don’t even think about running away from them as another group of four is coming as soon as the Avatar sticks his sword to the ground again. Both the Genesis Avatar and his cohorts will launch some not-so-powerful attacks on you so pray that you finish them off as quickly as you can. After this, get ready to rumble with the final more challenging Boss.

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Final Fantasy : Crisis Core is a highly anticipated prequel to the highly successful Final Fantasy VII game that first appeared in the original Playstation. Since FFVII, fans have been clamoring for more FFVII games. Crisis Core is what every FFVII fans have long waited for and it’s all worth it.

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