Fantasy Football

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    • Be The Commish: Set Up Your Own Fantasy Football League at Yahoo!
      Looking to make the jump from fantasy football owner to commissioner of your own league? Yahoo! Fantasy Football is a great place to do it. Our guide will walk you through the process of setting up your league, choosing settings, and inviting your friends.
    • Do You Feel a Draft? Get Your Team Off to a Great Start With Our Guide to the Fantasy Football Draft
      Looking to dominate your league's draft this year? Our collection of draft-day hints and tips will help you start off on the best possible foot this fantasy football season. Whether you've never drafted before or are a veteran owner, our guide will help you improve your game.
    • The Dream Team: Top 10 Fantasy Football Players for 2011
      Looking for fantasy football cheat sheets? A way to find out who the best players in the league are before you enter your draft? Our top ten players will help you dominate in any type of league. Check out our picks for this year's top fantasy performers.
    • The Top 5 Mistakes New Fantasy Football Players Make
      Fantasy football is not an easy game to master. The learning curve is steep, and we've all seen rookies make huge mistakes that have disastrous consequences for their seasons. Our guide covers five of these errors, in the hopes that new players can find ways to avoid them.
    • The Best Site for Custom Fantasy Football Team Logos
      Toyota's Fantasy Enhancer is a giant ad for the company, sure, but it's also the best place to design a custom logo that will strike fear into the hearts of your fantasy football opponents. Our guide covers the major features of the site and how to add your logo to your team.
    • What is Fantasy Football?
      For the outsider, fantasy football can seem like a convoluted mess of stats, draft picks, and waiver orders. Our guide to fantasy football basics cuts through the jargon to deliver an overview of the game on its most basic level.